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One of the most common and irritating rebuttals to the message of freedom is, "don't force your beliefs on me!", or "we all have our own opinions and beliefs - I have mine, you have yours!"

This is usually a last resort when someone has been caught out making contradictory statements and, instead of addressing their own contradictions, lashes out at the person who brings it to their attention and accuses them of being aggressive or imposing.

The human ego is a hell of a drug, and it will do anything to protect itself from being exposed or called out on its own bullshit. As freedom activist Mark Passio once said, "people would rather go to the grave than admit they were wrong".

Indeed, the three hardest words for a human being to utter are "I was wrong", and it's incredibly difficult to set aside one's ego to pierce through the veils of illusion and ignorance to see the truth of that which is.


The truth, as uncomfortable as it may be for many human beings, is that vegans and anarchists are the least imposing people in the world.

Anarchists and vegans encourage people to discover their own innate freedom and sovereignty, the freedom to live their lives without being coerced or threatened by political authority, to build, travel, explore the depths of their own consciousness and enjoy all the fruits of their labour provided they are not violating the natural rights of any other sentient beings.

Anarchists and vegans have come to the understanding that it is always wrong to initiate violence against non-aggressors, and that political authority and human-animal authority (the erroneous belief that man has the right to rule and dominate animals) are two of the most imposing and inherently violent belief systems in the world.


The truth is that those who participate in the fraud known as politics, and those who pay for the enslavement and slaughter of countless innocent animals, are the ones guilty of imposing their will on others.

Each time someone votes for a new 'leader' (ruler) in the political arena, they are unconsciously enforcing their views on hundreds of thousands, or millions of other people.

No matter how noble your intentions are, using the state to coerce other people into adopting your views is wrong. Whether you lean towards the 'left' or the 'right', you are still advocating for collective authoritarianism and supporting an inherently coercive political system (the left and right wing belong to the same bird, and majority rule is still a form of rulership).


Similarly, those who shop in the local supermarket to buy animal products are also voting -- with their dollar -- for the enslavement of our non-human brothers and sisters, those creatures whom we refer to as 'farmed' animals who are all pre-destined for the slaughterhouse.

Anarchists and vegans don't have 'beliefs', they have principles - and principles are eternal. It is wrong to violate the non-aggression principle by imposing your political opinion(s) on the collective, and it is wrong to slaughter animals for momentary sensual pleasure or shopping convenience.

The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.

Thanks for reading, In' Lakech.

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"The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off." - so very true =). And then it pisses you off that you haven't seen the truth earlier LOL

Fabulous and clear articles. Isn't it fascinating how the ego comes up with all sorts of contortions to justify its barbaric beliefs and behaviours

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Indeed, it really is a hell of a drug!

Yep, dig it, good work again mckeever.

I always like when the argument for veganism is enlarged and paralleled to other forms of repression and authoritarianism seen throughout the world of humans. Most people are used to and accept the paradigm where the lives of animals are inherently below that of people, ipso facto humans (by virtue of this pecking order) have dominion over thus power and the right? to do with animals as they please This sort of inequality of power is a driving force of much of the trouble in the human world and, it seems IS a thoughtful parallel to what goes on in the existence between humans and other animals.

I came across this video a few weeks back...a really good street dialogue on the morality of our food system.

Thanks, @danielshortell. I'm planning on writing an article on whether an advanced race of beings would be justified in rearing human beings for food.

That's a great video of earthling Ed, I've shared it a few times.

Ok, love the idea of the advanced race raising humans for food, will keep an eye out for it.

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I completely agree. My personal favourite is the "personal choice" argument... as if it's a personal choice when it involves enslaving and killing other sentient beings en masse

vegans and anarchists are the least imposing people in the world

What a wonderful statement this is! These are indeed actually two of the most non-violent labels!

Anarchists and vegans don't have 'beliefs', they have principles - and principles are eternal.

Beautifully stated. One cannot be certain of a belief (else it would be a certainty :). Anarchy and veganism are perhaps also like life-styles one comes to adopt naturally as one sheds 'beliefs', and becomes aware of 'eternal' principles; choosing not to compromise one's integrity any longer/in the manner of old!

Thanks for the kind words @barge.

Really welcome @mckeever. I'm a life-long veggie, gradually turned fully plant-based within past two years. The angle that I got from your post on veganism (and anarchy :) is so strikingly true and self-evident, yet it comes into my conscious awareness here, in this form, for the first time. I'm really grateful to you for this my friend! 🔆 🔆 🔆