Vegan Petition: Panda Express Puts Chicken in its Veggie Dishes!

in vegan •  10 months ago


This may seem like a trifle, but I just found out today that Panda Express uses chicken ingredients in nearly all of their vegetable dishes!

I've been eating Panda Express's tofu and eggplant dish for a few years as a pescatarian, and now vegan. This news saddens me. Also containing chicken are the veggie spring rolls and even the mixed vegetables for Zeus' sake! Only the white rice is totally plant based.

Please join me in signing PETA's petition and consider addressing Panda Express directly via social media or a nice letter. I did:

.@PandaExpress I’ve been eating your eggplant tofu for a while thinking it’s vegan. I just found out you make it with chicken! What’s your logic?

Bart Harris (@bartharris) February 13, 2018

Thanks for reading. Thanks.
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an animal lover whenever sees any animal just be like .. its so cute
same is my condition @lenskonig

Yup, from what I read, not a single vegan dish there. Pretty crazy!! They’re missing a huge market.


Worse than that, they are deceiving a huge number of people with horror-food!


They really are!

Reminds me a bit of this woman who was 'spiking' vegans in her restaurant.

I can only guess at the kind of abusive childhood that conditions a person for such corrupt behaviour as an adult:

Fortunately she was backlashed to pieces and her reign of vegan-spiking is over, for now.


Yes, I read about her. A wretched woman.

what an irony of a situation lol


It's absurd.

what is this happening around i was not aware of it


Everyone need to sign that petition

what they just did is unimaginable

Beautifull photo.i like it.