My Response to "Veganism Transforms Into A Globalist Cult" by Info Wars' Millenial Millie

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Veganism is a topic that seems to come up in my world in waves. I personally do not eat or use dead animals or animal products, but that is just a given, so it often isn't something I think or talk about. Then every now and then a conversation sparks the topic, and it keeps bubbling up over the following weeks. I wrote an article about amino acids two days ago, and then yesterday morning watched this video by @ura-soul. (I wrote most of this yesterday, but Steemit was down so it's been delayed until today)

Then, one of the next things up on my YouTube recommendations (because DAMN are their algorithms good!) was this video by one of my favorite YTers: Mic. The Vegan. The video is a "live response" to a new video from InfoWars, titled: Veganism Transforms Into A Globalist Cult

First off, the InfoWars reporter "Milennial Millie" is making outrageous claims with nothing to back them up, quoting "studies" while linking to projections (which actually oppose her idea), and generally being... exactly what one would expect from Alex Jones.

Following is the original video, after which I will respond to Millie's claims & statements.

My Response:

Literally the opening line of the video (followed by the standard intro clip)...

Essentially, the vegan ideology can be used as a vehicle to usher in globalism and globalist policies.

Any issue can be used as a vehicle for globalism due to the control mechanisms of the media & education systems. The fact that the State will take every opportunity for growth doesn't really have anything to do with veganism.

Now as innocent as veganism may seem, if you actually scratch the surface, the more you'll find when you start questioning vegans and their lifestyle, it's a lot bigger than just diet. It's actually an ideology, and to some degree it's a cult.

Wow, "as innocent as veganism may seem"... not trying to lead the audience at all here. Yes, obviously it's a lot bigger than diet, there are dead animals/animal torture involved in all sorts of things that people take for granted (like clothing, beauty products, etc). Besides that, someone who is principled enough to change their life in one massive way to align with their principles is likely to do so in other ways as well.

Ideology, defined by Oxford:

  1. A system of ideas and ideals, especially one which forms the basis of economic or political theory and policy.
    1.1 The set of beliefs characteristic of a social group or individual."

Cult, defined by Oxford:

  1. A system of religious veneration and devotion directed towards a particular figure or object.
    1.1 A relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or as imposing excessive control over members.

Nope, definitely not either of those things. There isn't even a firm consensus on what exactly the word "vegan" means, much less a group or religious system.

Blah Blah Blah, because people eat fruit from other places, veganism requires globalism

She goes on a rant here for quite some time, about how it's impossible to be vegan without surviving off imported foods, thus necessitating globalism. It helps that she's only talking to people in northern climates, and that tropical places don't exist, and neither do things like greenhouses & aquaponics. We are capable of growing most anything, most anywhere if we really want to, and humans can thrive on even just the local & climate-friendly fruits, vegetables, and fungi most anywhere if they are mindfully cultivating & preserving.

Even if the case were that fruit imported from tropical places was the only way to survive on a vegan diet (which it isn't... and most humans live in tropical places), how is that any different from the current model of animal & grain-based diets, which also require their food-sources to be shipped from all over the place? This is not an argument against (or even to do with) veganism, but an argument against the idea of people just wanting what they want, right now, regardless of how unsustainable it is to have it where they are.

During this section she featured Earthling Ed a little bit (though really shoddily cut together), and him explaining the gradual shift to veganism, that there may be bumps in the road. Besides that she mostly just harps again and again on how people living "in this northern region" can't sustain themselves without global trade, which is just untrue. Ed even acknowledges how scary the world globalization is for InfoWars (a business based exclusively on a global trade infrastructure), and Millie never actually talks about or even hints at the actual issues of state controls, UN regulations, Globalization in a violent, NWO sense, just in terms of shipping goods from place to place.

Ed: All the grain that's used in this country alone [to feed animals to be killed & eaten] could feed 800 million humans, which means we could eradicate world hunger with just the grain that's fed to animals in this country alone.
Millie: Well, here's how that's actually not necessarily the case...

Here's the Cornell study he was referencing:

From here, she goes into how a "global population census" (it was not any kind of census) and makes a bunch of false claims about population size, resources needed to feed humans, etc., pretending to quote this Rockefeller paper, which actually completely disagrees with her. She even shows a screenshot from the paper which quoted: "...humans are already growing enough cereal grains to feed 10 billion people a vegetarian diet."

*Because there is a lot of good potential farmland is on the eastern half of the land currently occupied by the United States, Inc., veganism would mean stealing all of those people's homes and businesses and destroying everything to make it farms.

What? WTF? How is this jump making any sense? One minute ago she was harping on how people in "the north" (Euro-Americans) depend on the global south for all their food, and that's why veganism needs globalism... now the problem is that the middle east & east of the US empire's lands are the new fertile crescent? And I have to assume she is actively choosing to ignore the fact that most of the land she is referring to there is ALREADY farmland! Grains & cattle make up most of the regions she was indicating.

The closing of this particular section is them showing small video clips from @thevenusproject and talking about how agenda 2030 is a forced, vegan, RBE system...

Millie: Do you want to pass laws & ban meat?
Random Human: Yes
Earthling Ed(102k subscribers): No
Millie: All vegans want to pass laws banning meat & animal farming

Don't really need to say anything about this one, pretty standard only-two-possibilities mindset put forth in the mainstream American culture.

"Do we really want to risk letting our domesticated animals become extinct?"

Seriously? She actually sounds like she's trying to make herself cry at the end of that sentence. Isn't it strange how someone can see the forced insemination, separation of children from mothers, lives in captivity, and murder for consumption as something these animals would be missing out on if they weren't being bred.

She then goes on to make it clear that this isn't about the animals' lives or well-being, but the investment over thousands of years that humans have made into domesticating these animals...

Total misunderstanding of the definition of moral relativism... while demonstrating moral relativism

Ed is explaining that humans are also animals, and Millie goes off on a rant about how claiming that a human life or an animal's life are equal is relativism... which it is clearly a demonstration of moral absolutes: to kill is wrong. She follows by claiming that the argument against killing (in general) is exclusive to "Christian morals & ethics"

Attempting to use the Cain & Abel story to prove her point, completely backfires

Millie explains the story of Cain & Abel. God asked for animal sacrifice. Cain offered god fruits & vegetables as a sacrifice.. Abel offered a dead animal as a sacrifice. God is unhappy with Cain, happy with Abel. Cain kills Abel in jealousy....

This has nothing to do with veganism.

"Was the first murder done by a vegan?"


More complete bullshit, anthropocentric world view... and closes by attempting to sell a dietary supplement (Carnivore*) which helps by "minimizing the later indigestion & discomfort commonly associated with high-meat diets."

All in all, just a terrible video, it seems likely that the whole thing was simply done as prep for the commercial at the end, to get people all riled up against "those damn vegans", so they'll buy extra Carnivore.


For anyone who actually watches InfoWars... please stop!

For anyone who actually thinks that veganism is part of the NWO, Agenda 21/2030, eugenicist plans, just stop and think about the very basis of veganism: respect for life & non-violence. It is impossible to go all the way down the vegan rabbit hole and not end up anarchist, or to go all the way down the anarchist rabbit hole and not end up vegan.

If either of these concepts, or their intersections, appeal to you please read this AMAZING series by @mckeever:

Here's Mic's response:

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It is illegal to video factory farms.(enough said kinda) So the war is against vegans and we are left being health conscious and optimistic

I first watched Alex Jones a long time ago when he exposed bohemian grove and then watched terrorstorm and some of his other documentaries. At that time I thought he was unbalanced and biased but was still doing good work to expose important things.

As time has gone on it has become more and more apparent that his biases have warped his perceptions and his lack of self acceptance has led to his apparent greed and obvious exploitation of fear in exactly the way that he rants that the NWO are doing. This is part of why so many people call him a shill.

The idea that globalism is evil is itself flawed. The problem is not our one world operating as one world - the problems is hierarchic domination systems in all their forms. If domination ends then global unity is a good thing. Domination is a problem whether it occurs locally or globally.

It is quite telling and the result of obvious denial that those involved here do not connect together their alleged fight to end oppression with the real fight to end oppression of animals. The addiction to taste sensation and the pathetic belief that murder of animals is 'manly' is likely part of the motive here.. Plus clickbait. :/

Keep shining the light of truth bro'!



I just decided to make my own response to Infowars here.

I applaud your attempt at "moderation" here, even if you're probably barking up a "deaf" tree (InfoWars).

It seems anytime there's anything related to InfoWars, it's all about stirring a mob into a frenzy, getting them to run around in a circle shouting "the sky's gonna fall!" and then blaming some undefined "them" for being "out to get us."

Alex Jones mostly makes me want to pull out a comfy lawn chair and pop some popcorn...


InfoWars is theee most obvious of all the controlled opposition I've seen. They are very consistently a laughable embarrassment to themselves. Simple as that.

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I don't think Millie's reputation would go very high here on steemit. While I appreciate the work Jones did on Bohemian Grove, I don't blend well with boastful people let alone carnival barkers.

I seem to be moving towards being vegan. I'm tired of feeling so bloated that about all I can do is take a nap. I've had a couple of moments when the thought of meat was a real turnoff. Not pushing myself anywhere, just listening to that inner voice.

You might get a kick out of this:

it's just a site I was screwing around with in case @ELAmental needed help with a website. Check out the first part... No Judgement - really like that song. :) having fun

Comparing veganism to ecofascism is laughable. I've never met a vegetarian who wanted to murder or imprison billions of people. This is more divide and conquer tactics.
On the other hand, I'm skeptical of eastern philosophical claims which link diet to spirituality. Haha..but I don't believe humans have freewill either although we should act societally as if we do...
I have no problems with meat-eaters only the ethics involved in the treatment of animals as human food...Although a huge part of that is unnecessary and a result of modernities economic structure which is built upon a pathological hierarchy​.

I watched the first few minutes and quickly realized she has no idea what she is talking about, to call veganism innocence for a start, I completely agree with your response. Her ignorance is almost laughable. how could anyone take her seriously. this is a rant of someone trying to justify her choices and her life, the life she has to live with at the end of the day. that is all on her. xx

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Hi Kenny! Thank you for your critical analysis, it's something the world really needs these days.

It could seem useless to respond to such video, publicized by people that are too sure of themselves and their truths. However, I think that not saying anything is an open door for indoctrination.

How to give a public response intelligently? that's another question that I think you mastered. Your counter discourse and critique not only allow to better understand your stand (and that of many others) on veganism and society but it also contributes to enlighten people that otherwise would have only been fed by the misinformation on this video.

Thanks again!

This came up on my feed the other day too but I could not handle how obnoxious she was being so I couldn't finish it. Ed's got a lot of patience, I was screaming just watching in on the other side of my computer -_- ....vehicle for globalism....

...according to her beliefs... which is crazy because she quotes scripture saying eat meat sparingly (in times of famine PS) is the rest of that quote she fails to mention but then goes on to defend it without abandon. SMDH.

Crazyiness to me, man. Thanks for getting this out there!

These days I don't consider AJ a significant information source in my formulations however I am grateful for his exposure/video of Bohemian Grove as well as his willingness to report on #pizzagate #pedogate until he went chicken shit about it.


I never considered him to be very significant or worthwhile; he seems like a textbook gatekeeper to me. Most importantly, the energy that he (and his organization) are stirring up more of in people is fear. Anyone whose work spreads fear is not someone creating the world I am.

Thank you kindly for the mention @kennyskitchen - appreciate it.

Great post. Jones is a real life cartoon character; I've no idea what it is he actually believes or whether or not most of his rants are scripted.