Vegan Paradise in London Town! 😍🇬🇧🌱

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There's a place in London called Camden Market and lemme just tell you, it's a vegan paradise. We're talking vegan street food baby! From donuts to tacos to soup to cookie dough, vegan is on this map everywhere! I've been eating my way through the place the last couple of days and it's seriously like a playground- fairytale- dream for me!
I actually overstuffed myself today after feasting on some curries and ended up having to find this little nook to sit in where I then decided that I could no longer wait to try these scrumptious donuts! I'm gluten free but I've been experimenting with sour dough and that's what these little numbers are! Can you believe it? What an amazing find! If you're vegan or curious and find yourself in London, definitely peruse the market, no way will you go hone hungry with all the choices and samples to make sure you know what you're getting into! (I might have to move here!) 😉❣️💜

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Thank you for being here for me, so I can be here for you.
Enjoy your day and stay creative!
Botty loves you. <3

I went to Camden a few months ago, loved the vibe!

crosstown doughnuts <3 enjoy! have you been to "sagar" Indian cusine? I highly recommend them :)

@anomadsoul it's a really cool place! I keep circling back to it for the food! ;)

Your in London ? Why didnt you say just hung out with kubby a few weeks ago

@stickchumpion I did say! I've been posting about it! 💓

It looks yummi and your photo is cool!

@hazel420 I think that was my only go at those donuts, I'm not used to that much sweetness ;) I haven't been to Sagar but it's on my list! I love Indian food so I'll definitely be trying to drop in before I leave here! Thanks for the recommendation :)

@noemilunastorta thank you! they we're so delicious and the view was perfect!

Oh my gosh, I wish I have one, or two, lol.

@lenasveganliving haha well I had 4 ;) but half at a time and it was pretty sweet! That was a one time thing ;)

Wow @heart-to-heart they look good. Crazy how things change fast, so glad that veganism is so big there. Literally used to live 20 mins walk from camaden market and there were mainly just fast food Chinese stalls hassling you to try there bits. I remember one epic vegan place that was on the bridge, I went there to heal after an operation and was really surprised by the random foods that could heal my body (this was 10 years prior to turning vegan!) but it left a lasting impression to eat healthier and more plant based in general. Glad you had a good time there!