Irresistible Melty Cashew Cheese and Mushroom Bacon Burger 👌 (with Smashed Garlic Spuds) 🌱💚🙌

in #vegan11 months ago

All things delicious in this burger but with a plant based twist!


Texture ✔️
Flavor ✔️
Gluten free ✔️
Delicious ✔️
Plant Powered ✔️
Source of protein ✔️
Energy ✔️

Animals harmed in the process ❎
Can you tell the difference? ❎


You can have everything you crave in a plant based diet and honestly, (if done right) more than often, it tastes better than the original and 💯 makes you feel better after eating it!

No couch required after eating this bad boy! It GIVES you energy instead of taking your energy!🙏💚🌱

Love, Cece😘
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Hey. Nice to e-meet you. Currently looking people from Steem who live on Bali - found you through steeminsights : )

Which part of Bali are you currently living in? We can meet up if you like : )

Hey! Sorry, I was visiting a tiny island in Malaysia and didn't bring my laptop! Steeminsights you say? Something I must check out it seems! :)

I'm in Canggu, could definitely meet up if you'd like! I'm locked out of Steemchat (-_-) but if you wanna message me on Discord we can set something up if you're in my area :)

Nice. Was out of Steemit those two days.

How can I reach you out?
My discord is dmitrydao#1568 just in case : )

What did you use for your bread? In trying out removing gluten from my diet but miss sandwiches.

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