10 Reasons Why To Do A Grape Fast!

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First off, let's just say grapes are one of the fruits highest in alkalinity when opposed to any other fruit on the planet.

Keeping that in mind, lets state how a necessity for a healthy body is an alkalized body. Alkalized is contrary to toxic, the state where all kinds of diseases are developed.

If body stays toxic for too long, it will eventually develop more serious disease, such as cancer.

That's why, our #1 priority should be to always keep our bodies as alkalized as possible. In a world like this, that might be hard but it's not impossible!

To make this cleanse as efficient as possible, you'd want to blend your grapes to aid your digestion. That's about it! But you can even go with solid grapes, totally up to you.

There are numerous other things you might incorporate in your fast, to make this as smooth experience as possible. As I'm currently busy over the head, I can offer you my guidance through some of the canals I use to communicate with Steemit community...

10 Reasons Why Grape Fast is Badass (in my experience):

  1. Feeling better than ever

  2. Master toxin cleanse

  3. Ultra high energy levels

  4. Healing of whole body

  5. Improved feeling of everything

  6. The body can't get enough of it

  7. Lightness in mind & spirit

  8. Glowing skin

  9. Incredible bowel movement

  10. Mental clearness!

If you feel like this type of fast is the one for you, make sure to contact me here so we can arrange a chat or smth! I'm available at Discord @enjoyinglife #0655 as well as on Steem Chat @enjoyinglife

I'd be glad to guide you through my version of the fast so you can upgrade yourself in a matter of days!

This is something that has the potential to change your life, so don't take it easy :)

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Thanks for sharing.

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I am so happy to find someone here on Steemit how has done the grape fast before!

I've read "The Grape Cure" by Johanna Brandt before and also did some additional research which is why my boyfriend and I selected Australia as our next stop, where they should have an abundance of high-quality grapes to do a longer grape fast. We want to dive a little deeper into detox and remove some of the build-up toxins from a lifestyle before raw food and healthy living.

What was your main drive to embark on such a journey and how long was your grape cure in total? 🍇🍇🍇