Vegan & Satisfied! 😋 What I eat in a day...

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With alot of news about people quiting veganism at the moment, and these same people are all restrictive dieters. It is no wonder they were not able to sustain themselves, feeling depleted and developing health issues. I cannot relate at all because I've never tried to diet or restrict since eating the way I do. After over a year of being strictly vegan what I have personally noticed is that I need more bulk and calories to keep going. And every day is different some days I have cravings or need more heavy food and some days I prefer to eat lighter. I always eat wholefood plant based sugar free products. Here is an example of what I eat in a day....
On special days I like to make myself banana oat waffles and top them with nut butter and fruits. I will eat about 4-6 waffles in one sitting 😋


I'm a sucker for a good old sarnie at lunch time. One of my favourite is fried mushrooms, ill add parsley, lemon juice and salt at the end. I'm totally obsessed with oyster mushrooms too, especially when I get them really crispy after frying in olive oil and spring onion.


When I want that heavy comfort feeling ill go for potatoes for dinner, that is my ultimate comfort food, roasted, mashed, fried whatever... They just make me feel grounded. As I didn't have alot of raw food in the day, I'm eating them with salad and chickpeas with some homemade hummus.


So thats just an example of a recent day of what I ate, I didn't include some little snacks, fruits, nuts, carrot sticks things like that. Some days I might eat more or a lot less. Some days I prefer more salads and raw foods, and some days I eat alot of cooked food. Being flexible and intuitive but sticking with whole foods and animal product free.

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That looks tasty! I really need to upgrade my food killing.

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Tasty food and animal product free... Is the best kind of food ☺

What an amazing feast yumyumyum

Hehe yes it was! Thanks :)