Steemit Iron Chef 2018 Act 01 Round 05: 🍫🌰 🥜Seriously nutty indulgent HEALTHY chocolate breakfast bar bites!🥜🌰 🍫

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Here is my entry for the vegan chocolate contest @deliciousplants and iron chef contest (nuts) @progressivechef and thank you both for creating such motivating and fun challenges each week! Here's my entry: Seriously nutty indulgent HEALTHY chocolate breakfast bar bites!

Ditch the coffee and think of RAW chocolate for breakfast!!! Raw chocolate is only gently heated so the properties of the cacao bean are not cooked away, this means you will benefit from a whole load of nutrients and minerals. (Roasted cocoa and coffee do not have nutrients) Raw cacao is a stimulant and is good for brain function, aids memory and prevents Alzheimer's. It also contains fiber aiding digestion and weight loss (unlike coffee that has no fiber and causes your sugar levels to rise and crash, therefore making you crave higher fat foods). It's great for pain relief and boosting serotonin levels, we all need this but especially good for people suffering with depression or those who need motivation to work out. Nuts, give us essential healthy fats and energy so topped with Raw chocolate is a perfect grab and go breakfast snack, booster before the gym or a pick me up when you are lagging.


These are great because you can prepare a whole batch for the week ahead. There are two stages, first you need to make the nut base and you can actually save half the batch for plain granola, it is way healthier and nutritious to home baked granola and sometimes cheaper depending what brand you buy. All you need is mixed nuts, almond meal, coconut flour and/or flakes, seeds, chia, coconut oil and natural sweetener, agave / coconut nectar, combine together and bake! I'll be posting the step by step method soon, watch this space....


Once the granola mixture has cooled you can cut it into slices and add the Raw cacao topping, to make Raw chocolate sauce please check the full recipe of how to do that here. Whilst the choc sauce is setting sprinkle with cacao nibs, goji berries or whatever you like. Store in a cool place so the cacao solidifies, once set, transfer to an air tight container to save for the week.


I hope you enjoy these healthy delights just as much as I do, i've added some more information on why Raw cacao is so healthy for the body. Please try to source high quality, organic and sustainable Cacao, labeled RAW to get the full benefits of what cacao has to offer. Raw chocolate is strong and different to ordinary chocolate, you might find, like I did, sweet cravings reducing if you switch to using this ingredient.


🥑 🍎🥝 🍉 🍇 🍐🍓🍈🍋🍑 🍍🍊🍌🍏

For more health and diet tips, check out @celestialcow....


switching to a plant based diet 🌱 can change your life and change the world
✌️Join the food revlution now

All images are created by @celestialcow

Thanks for reading


맛있어 보입니다.
먹어보지는 못했지만......

I love raw chocolate, man :)

Me too :) ✌️💚

Nice recipe, good luck for the contest!

Thank you, to yourself, I see your recipes all the time, vegan ones are so gd!

Yummy! These are some good looking breakfast bars! ❤️

I know i'm hungry for breakfast now even tho its midnight!

Healthy and tasty.
Ps: The close up pic is jaw-dropping yummy :)

thanks for checkin it out :)

I love how this still counts as healthy foods! So I can have this even during lenten season! 😋

hehe! yes, what have you given up for lent?

Coffee, sweets, alcohol. I would like to see what it does to my body - like skin and inflammation (I have arthrosis and arthritis in both of my feet ... and it also influences my knees. I think I am too young for this! 😣 And I have a slight form of rosacea in my face. I would love to know what causes outbreaks)

Woa im sorry to hear that, it sounds like your body is under stress from constant blood sugar levels going high and low. I have made a few posts about coffee, it gets to ppl as they are unwilling to give it up, but its really not that healthy! refine sugar causes acne maybe other skin conditions but has a whole load of other health problems (switch to natural sugars coconut/ agave) Alcohol is full of sugar!!! i don't drink it, trust me you will fee better without it! i'm hoping u can give all the above up for good! I practice natural veganism / borderline alkaline diet (so like i said no coffee/no alcohol)

What do you think about green tea?

its healthier, i used to drink it alot when i was coming off coffee, gd transitional drink. I wouldnt drink it now, the caffeine is to strong for me. When u reduce caffeine u dont need it as much, no ups and downs. Ginger tea is gd, its a stimulant, and hot cacao

I loved your post and I liked the fact that you explained the great benefits of cocoa which is an impressive source of magnesium
considering that in a cocoa bean has 27 mg of magnesium and the recommended daily dose is over 400 mg.
In one hundred grams of cocoa without sugar, we found 327 mg of magnesium, 82% of the recommended daily dose.
Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in the body and plays a role in more than 350 essential metabolic reactions.
And we need it daily because this mineral is released daily in the urine.

And finally, what are the benefits that magnesium helps here with a list
Cell detoxification, decreased inflammation
Low blood pressure, reduced risk of type 2 diabetes
Improved cognitive function, better bone health
Less headaches and migraines, improved sleep
Better heart health, less stress and anxiety
Reduction of muscle aches and pains
Anti-aging effects and if I tell you that there are more than 350 functions this is a small list.
So post how these help us understand why a healthier diet helps us to extend life and as it says @celestialcow if we change the ingredients we can make our food healthier.♥

thanks for this gladsy! Cacao is medicine basically all food can be medicine if we eat it right :)

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Hello my friend! Thanks so much for such a nice post! I am so happy that you are interested in Steemit Iron Chef contest. I would suggest if next time you could make separate posts for different contest, that would be great and also please include a proof photo of the final plate, which will then validate your entry!
Thanks again!

Thanks progressive chef! Actually i took the photos a while back so i couldnt actually use the post it note, i also didnt realize it has to be done like that, i guesss the food has to be made new for that to work, i saw other ppl entering old posts for other contests so i guess i thought it be ok and i saw some other people enter 2 competitions at once. but thanks for letting me know for future obv every competition is different and im new here. they are hundred percent my pictures tho!

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