Vegan Thai Green Curry

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It's that time again when I just have to make some space in my tiny fridge, in my tiny kitchen, in my tiny apartment. Actually it's not really a problem that the apartment is tiny, it just doesn't have a proper vibe. We will move next summer hopefully.

Having a bar size fridge is somewhat of a challenge when purchasing fresh fruits and veggies but it is also good for using up what I have instead of buying more at once and storing it. The minimal cupboard space is for students that don't cook or have anything more than one dish one cup and a box of macaroni. I guess that is not a fair thing to say. I know some gourmet students but you know what I mean.

Today I realize the jar of green Thai curry that I made the other day should be used. I made it from fresh Thai basil, galangal root, small green chilies, lemongrass that was frozen, and lime leaves. I usually buy premade Thai curry paste but the taste of making it fresh is so much more aromatic. I ground up all of the items with a little water then strained it with a sieve.

I made the curry dish using peppers, tofu, carrot, peanuts onion, garlic and ginger. I sauteed them and them in sesame oil then added the green curry paste.


After it was sauteed I added some coconut milk, tamari, and veggie broth.

I have always had Thai curries with jasmine rice but I didn't have any and refusing to go to the supermarket today, I used some rice noodles that I had, instead.I garnished with sesame seeds, lime, and green onions.


It's kind of funny that I was born in Thailand to a Thai mother but before she passed away when I was little, I never learned how to cook Thai food. I took it for granted for the first few years of my life. My Canadian father never learned how to cook Thai food either so I was brought up with plain food that was quite bland unless we ordered out. There were no Thai restaurants in my city when I grew up. Later on I went to Toronto as a young adult where my friends treated me to a Thai dinner. I fell in love with the the familiar flavors and aromas all over again. Then I got some recipe books and made some simple Thai style dishes like this one. There can be some very complex combinations of things to make up Thai dishes. I do not have the time nor the ambition to do that but this quick and simple curry is a very good replica of a Thai green curry done vegan without the popular fish sauce that is often used in many Thai dishes.




Oh I bet that fresh green curry was so flavorful! I need to experiment more with making my own, as well. I think the clear-out-the-refrigerator dishes are some of the best meals!

It really is great to make it fresh. The difference is quite noticeable and you can store it for a while.

Friend, how are you? It is always an immense pleasure to hear from you, I love how before each recipe you have a little story to tell, I do not know how you mix so many ingredients and everything looks great.

Although where you live, everything is small, the happiness of living alone with Marc is very big and that is worth a lot.

Have you seen Atos? he'll be fine? please say hello to Marc!

Hello dear friend. I appreciate your support and asking always about Atos. Unfortunately he passed away a week ago.
I must do a blogin honor of him but for now I have to run to work.
I send love from Canada.

I'm so sorry about Atos, I'll be sure about your post about it will be very sad, best regards

Homemade curry paste is always the best. So glad to see your take on the Thai cuisine. I am sure your mother would have liked your version of the Thai curry. It looks and sounds amazing. Except for the tofu as I can not eat soy products. Have a beautiful day xxx

Just wanted to pop in and say that "You are missed" 💖

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