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I made some vegan spaghetti and meatballs, while Julian made some garlic bread. It was very delicious!!

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Tasty vegan pasta treat

It looks lovely!!! :)

Hey, how have you been?

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Good, how have you and Julian been?

Doing good, we have just been working a lot. May I re add you on Facebook? I created a new one.

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I didn't remove you from facebook @awkwardness, I deleted my facebook.

I have no intentions of using facebook again, but I utilize discord for my live communications, so by all means feel free to hit me up in discord DM and we'll catch up!

It's nice to see you posting again friend :)

Oh, okay. I deleted mine as well and created one just for friends. Thank you, I missed posting as well. I just had to do some soul searching for a little while to see why my inspiration was gone.

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Understandable. Balance and health must come first, with good balance and health, the creative inspiration will follow!

We're just happy to see you back!

I received you friend request on discord 😃 👍

Yay! I’m happy to see that you’re still posting as well!!☺️😊

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