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Hey Steem'ers, did you know that vaping is not just performed through the use of electronic cigarettes? We are proud to sell a brilliant selection of Portable Vaporisers for use with dry herbs and concentrates.

What is a vaporiser?

A vaporiser is a device designed to warm up a selection of ingredients until they turn into vapour to be inhaled. Unlike the traditional method of burning the ingredients, vaporisers produce vapour and not smoke. There are many substances that can be used in these devices and can have therapeutic benefits. The vapour maximises properties in the substances used creating a purer aroma than what can be produced from smoking. Vaporisers come in many forms using a number of different materials like glass, ceramic or metal. Once heated the vapour can be extracted into a bag, pipe or hose for inhalation.

Where did vaporisers originate from?

In the modern world, vaporizers are often attributed to Eagle Bill Amato who was dubbed the 'Father of Vapour' for his invention of the 'Shake and Vape' - a glass pipe that was lit at the end of the bowl creating indirect heat for the compound above. Once heated enough, the user would shake the pipe to create more steam and then inhale the resulting vapour.

This form of vaporization was used by the Native Americans. But they were not the only culture of our past to use vaporizers. In fact, it can be traced as far back as Ancient Egypt, where the Egyptians would stand on beds of hot stones with plants and seeds on top and allowing the vapour to engulf them.

The hookah (aka shisha) can also be attributed to vaporizers and dates as far back as 1000 years ago, in India. The process is not exactly vapourization because hot coals are used to heat up and burn the chosen compound (typically, Molasses) which is inhaled through the hose on the hookah by the user and cooled down in the bowl of water at the bottom.

Why are modern day vaporisers better?

Technology has allowed us to advance in many of our human activities and the last few decades have seen a tremendous amount of innovation in the use of electronic vaporizers. Users seek the best vape possible and the modern day vaporizers produce some of the purest vapour we've ever seen before. 

What substances can you use in a vaporiser?

Tobacco can be used with vaporisers and can be seen as a healthier alternative to smoking it. Vaporisers are often attributed to the use of 'weed' (Cannabis) and these devices are very commonly used with this plant in places like Amsterdam, Colorado and California – where the plant is legal or available under medicinal prescription. Weed is certainly not the only plant or substance that can be used in these vaporiser devices There are a number of plants and herbs used in vaporisers in the UK that are completely legal and are said to produce a host of beneficial properties. We suggest you do your own research on aromatherapy, but here is a list of some of the substances that are enjoyed in vaporisers in the UK:

- Chamomile

- Lavender

- St John's Wort

- Tumeric

- Peppermint

- Spearmint

- Eucalyptus

- Sage

- Lemon Balm and much, much more...

Traditionally most vaporisers are dry-herb only but some of the latest devices now incorporate the use of waxes and oils (concentrates) too.

How do you use a vaporiser?

The variety of vaporisers vary in usage but on a basic level of function, the user would place their substance of choice in the designated chamber, select the temperature for heating (temperature levels can affect what is released from the compound) and inhale the vapour once ready.


Portable Vaporizers are for those who are looking to vape on the move. Perfect for festivals, camping, gigs and general travelling or exploring.

Portable vaporisers may not be as powerful as their Desktop-style brothers, but the demand for portable vaporisers has grown massively in recent years. Today there are some superb quality portable vaporisers that can compete in terms of vapour production.

We currently sell the Pax 3, Pax 2, Crafty, Mighty and Grasshopper vaporisers. We are excited to announce that the DaVinci IQ vaporiser will be joining the others on the VE shelves very soon! 

We hope you enjoyed our informative post about Vaporisers, stay cloudy! VE-Team