Near Hurricane, UT

in vanlife •  6 months ago 


Stopped and stayed a night in a Mesquite, NV casino parking lot on the way up here. The spot I'm at is not very private, pretty wide open and yes, fairly windy. There are some other areas I'm planning to check out around here until it warms up enough to keep heading north.

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not a bad looking spot. I'm looking forward to some warmer weather here in Flagstaff, too.

I can imagine. Still pretty cold up there. I'm trying to keep to places with the lowest nighttime lows in the 40's.

If ya go thru Zion and find yourself in Orderville on the east side, there is (or was) an amazing German bakery. Totally worth the price for their bread and pastries, if ur into that kinda thing.

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Not sure what way I'm going but I am a fan of bakery foods so I'll keep that in mind.