DIY Ford Truck & Van Maintenance

in vanlife •  2 months ago

For anyone with a Ford van who wants to do their own maintenance, there is a good resource on Youtube I've used a number of times. FordTechMakuloco has a bunch of videos with a lot of insider knowledge. He used to be a tech at a Ford dealership and now has his own shop. He gives a list of parts and tools needed for each job. I referenced his transmission fluid and filter change video when I did mine shortly after I got the van. The video is below.

I have a rear differential fluid change on my list of things to do and he has a video for that as well with information on the correct fluid to use according to the latest Ford service updates.

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I was at AutoZone the other day for an air filter. They had a sign up for free tool loan. Might be worth checking out if you're doin' a repair that needs a particular tool you might not ever use again, or rarely.


I'll have to see if they have a good torque wrench. I usually just wing it for a lot of stuff but it's pretty important to get the bolts torqued properly on the differential.