Heat and the Van Life

in vanlife •  10 months ago


Today was my first hot day in the van. It got over 90 degrees. Sammie was so over heated I had to move her to air conditioning until I found a shady spot to park. I managed to find a nice shady spot but I worry about charging my battery with solar.

Being on shore power at the moment I have a box fan wedged between my bathroom and closet. It does a great job of keeping me cool but I still keep a close eye on Sammie because she is pretty old and I want to keep her safe. I really need to get a fantastic fan to keep things cool in here but my funds are running very low. I have sunk $4,400 into my new home and I still have bad engine vibration. I'm guessing a cylinder is missing and causing it. I hope it's not a bad motor. On the bright side, I have new brakes, carb, and rebuilt front end.

I have built a small Tesla wall to power the van but I need a BMS to charge that battery so I don't ruin it. (More about the power wall later).

That's it for now. I will be posting about the team working on my van and some of the work.

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Keep your head up and hug Sammie for us.