African Value System

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Positive Behaviour

Values can be defined as acceptable behaviours in a community. They are sets of ideals or rules that guide people's conducts in a given society. Examples of values are:

  • Honesty

  • Hardworking

  • Obedience

  • Selflessness

  • Justice

  • Trustworthy

These are core values in which many communities are built. They are not written down as laws but are transferred through formal or informal education from one generation to another.

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Values form basis on which character is measured. They determine whether or not one will be accepted in a given society. When we display the accepted values, people approve it by relating with you. On the other hand, when display unacceptable values, the society frowns at it and it attracts punishment which may be ex-communication.

Classifications of Values

1 Positive Values: These are accepted behaviours or set of rules that guides people's behaviours in a particular community. They are peculiar and particular to societies. Outside a particular society, it may not matter. For examples, in many African societies, respect for elders is sacrosanct. It is believed that refusal to respect elderly persons can attract curse. A young person cannot be seated while an elderly person is standing up. It does not matter whether or not you know the elder, whether or not the seat belongs to you. You must stand up and offer that seat to the elder.
Also, you cannot pass an elderly person without greeting him. It is strange to Africa value system.

  1. Negative Values: These are unacceptable behaviours in a given society. They are always frowned at by the people and the society whenever displayed. For examples, in many African societies, one cannot introduce an opposite sex to his or her parents as 'my boy friend or my girl friend'. It is not not done. It is an insult and disrespect, and a sign of waywardness. Kids don't join adults in conversation unless invited. Husbands are not condemned or faulted in the presence of their wives, and many more.

  2. Absolute Values: These are universal values. They are values that cut across borders. They are accepted as basis for judgement of right behaviour or otherwise in every society. For example, honesty, diligence, obedience etc.

It is wise you discover the dos and don'ts in every society you find yourself. Response to those values will determine whether or not you will be accepted.



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