Part 5 [7 Homeopathic Cases]: 14y Girl, Guyana. Autism + PANS with Violence ++

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A.N.  Female.  14 years.  Guyana, Africa. 

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1st Appointment: 

Before A.N. came to me for homeopathic treatment she’d been to a number of homeopaths: 

  • Classical, 
  • sequential, 
  • heilkunz [some detox], 
  • & hermetic protocol.  

She had some relief of OCD but during the Hermetic [Michele Iqbal] protocol she’d become more violent and this had remained since.  
In the past year and a half she’d further regressed after ion cleanse foot bath for detox. 

She has 1 x Mthfr mutation.  1 working kidney. 

Toxic metals are a BIG problem.  Mum is scared to start metal detox.  

No steroids. 

Needs to detox 

  • birth meds, 
  • vaccines, 
  • antibiotics and 
  • metals in particular. 
  • She has the high level of yeast you expect with high levels of toxic metals. 

Medical History

Amoxicillin antibiotic from birth until 18 months [kidney cyst].

History of repeat ear infections with high fevers, treated with antibiotics.  
These infections and the fevers stopped age 2 as the regression started.   
No high fevers for 12 years.

Fully vaccinated to age 2.  
Autism detected age 18 months.
Regression since age 2: 

  • stopped answering name, 
  • lost eye contact, 
  • lost beginnings of speech. 

Diagnosed with ‘non-verbal autism’ age 2.5. 

Current Problems

Violence started age 8, worsening with Hermetic protocol ++. 

She has hyperactivity.

Receptive language is workable. 

She needs 2 aids to manage at school.

Severe constipation since birth.  Will go 1 month without a stool without intervention! [This will make detox really difficult and must be addressed daily during detox.]

Terrible sleep disturbance.  Hyperactive at night. 

Has a constant noise tick.

Severe menstrual pains → increased violence. 

Won’t keep clothes on.  Undresses in public.  Stips and runs around the house. 

Has become very lazy and won’t feed herself. 

Sky high toxic metals!  [See chart below].


A.N. cannot detox metals from her body.  You’ll see her total toxic representation is in the 100% percentile.  She is off the chart on at least antimony and lead and has an unprecedented toxic load. 


A.N. Has had no high fevers since very early childhood.  Her immune system is very poor.   She’s moved through ‘level 6’ [a spate of repeat infections] at age two and dropped to lower level 7 or level 8 [no fevers present and definite chronic condition] from that point onward.  

Her behaviour calms with Ibuprofen [an anti-inflammatory] indicating her distress and behavioural problems are caused by a high level of brain inflammation.   I’m not convinced she has PANS [an autoimmune disorder of the brain].  I think metal toxicity can account for her problems. 

Constipation is associated very strongly with metal toxicity, especially of aluminium and lead and compounds her inability to detox metals. 

Where could she get these metals from? 

• Aluminium will have been accumulated from vaccines [probably leading to her regression about age 2] and from aluminium cookware.  

• Antimony is used as a fire retardant on baby clothes and furnishings.  

• Arsenic is common in rice and gluten free products made with rice. 

• Barium may have come from medical tests. 

• Lead is a common toxin from old paints and leaded petrol. 

• Mercury is a preservative in some multidose vaccines and was used in vaccines until 2000.  It can be accumulated in utero from mothers with mercury fillings. It’s also a pollutant in fish.  

Other toxins she has accumulated are as follows: 

• plastics, 

• farming chemicals, 

• paint/nail varnish chemicals, 

• gasoline pollution.  

• Micotoxins.  

• Yeast/fungi.

First Prescription

Poly vaccine USA detox.  An 8 week homeopathic detox protocol.  [She was vaccinated in the USA.]  Raising through potencies 30c, 200c, 1M and 10M.

Helleborus 30c every Saturday.  This is a remedy strongly associated with brain inflammation and was used by the old homeopathic doctors to treat encephalitis and meningitis.  It’s strongest keynote is “DESPAIR”.  

Mag phos 200c in a homeopathic solutions with 3 succussions for period pain as needed.

Helleborus niger.  Highly toxic in its raw state, is a very useful remedy in homeopathic dilution.  It's the strongest remedy for intense despair and is often indicated for encephalitis.  

Text Update [1 month later]

First high fever since age 2!  [Watch out now as we will expect to see a return of the ear infections.  It is possible she will resolve the ear infections at this point.  If not, we need to treat them homeopathically].  

This is a homeopath’s favourite type of response in a child with this level of health.  It shows we’ve already raised her level of health with the first prescription back to level 6.  

Follow-up: [1.5 months after first prescription]

First two times she had helleborus: she seemed to be good that day.  In a good mood.  Now aggravating after doses [stopped Helleborus].  

Much clamer.  

Less violent.

Seems to want to speak. 

Constipated still.  


Stop helleborus.  Continue vaccine detox.  

Poly bowel nosode 30c for 21 days. 

Next detox = poly antibiotics 30c through 10M, 8 week homeopathic detox therapy protocol. 

Follow-up: [2 months later]

>>> improved constipation after bowel nosode.  [*Returned 2 weeks after stopping poly bowel].

Now keeps her clothes on. 

>>> improved violence +++

Less crying and screaming.

No menstrual pain x 2 cycles. 

Sleeping from 1am. 

More connected to sister.  Kissing her.  

More independent: dressing self, putting clothes in washing basket.

Throat clearing tick has gone. 

Antibiotic detox → hyper, ocd behviour returning. Undressing.  Screaming and running. Now decreasing after 200c.   [Added adrenal support].


Mercury 200c am and pm for 1 day. 

Continue poly antibiotics detox. 

Strep combo 30c single daily dose during PANDAS flares. 

Follow-up: [2 months later]

Calmer detox with adrenal support. Adrenal cortex 30c didn’t help much but bioray loving energy adrenal system support helped. 

Keeps her clothes on. 

Less crying/screaming. 

Violence is gone.

Sleeping late [active until late in her room] but sleeps well for 8 hours. 

Old Symptoms Returning [good sign]: 


foolish behaviour

Constipated again.  


Tarentula hispanica 30c am and pm for 2 days. 

Stop detoxing if not able to address constipation with at least 1 bowel movement a day.  

Follow-up: [1 month later]

Address supplements and epsom’s salts baths, & constipation. 

Rerun the abx detox from 30c.  

On going case.  WAtch this space.  

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Free 15 minute consultations are available to discuss treatment for PANS, PANDAS & autism.  

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