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GLOBAL GREAT DEPRESSION COMING - So many things including the regular manipulated stock market is being propped up with excessive money printing which is causing hyperinflation to appear due to the COVID Lockdowns & Communist regulation and vaccine passports used to control the brainwashed sheeple under Biden, Trudeau, Boris who follow the lies and fake data of the corrupt medical officials & CDC.
Most likely Bitcoin will run to $100K + and Ethereum to $12k then $20k with Solana, Polygon, Cardano, Loopring, Polkadot, Vechain, Stellar, Theta, Tezos, Superfarm, Reef, Phantasma, Reserve Rights, Harmony One, Digibyte, The Graph ... running close behind the big guys... with DOGE, XYO, SHIBA INU, FANTOM, ThetaFuel, Zilliqa, Verasity, Star Atlas, Multivac, Chain Guardian, Tower as good buys, also... next year after April, the Shit will hit the fan with more manufactured Food & Supply Shortages created by the previous communist Lockdowns for the Virus funded by the CDC & Dr Fauci, a virus that has a 99.8% recovery rate and very low risk for healthy kids & teens. These manufacture shortages will lead to starvation so please stick up on NON-GMO seeds for growing vegetables ( GMO seeds are bad for the body and rarely produce more seed for the following years plantings plus GMO crops need poisonous, toxic pesticides & herbicides to strengthen grows, yield less than NON-GMO seeds ) with the Biden created hyperinflation, food prices, especially meats will rise fast so growing your own vegetables will ensure your family does not starve during this engineered GLOBAL PURGE/GENOCIDE with Cancer causing Covid vaccines that causes infertility, erectile dysfunction, brain damage, blood clots leading to heart attacks, brain strokes, Seizures, skin disorders, dementia in teens, learning disabilities on kids with side effects including ALS, Multiple Sclerosis and even Schizophrenia along with serious autoimmune diseases and life threatening Anaphylactic Reactions to Food.
Be sure to stocks up on storage able foods, clean water, first aid, batteries, flashlights and solar lamp ... non-GMO heirloom seeds and extra needed medication...
Biden, Trudeau, Boris , Bill Gates, Dr FAUCI, Dr Bonnie Henry, Adrian DIX, Stephen Colbert, Oprah ... working under the Queen of England, the Pedophiles inside the Vatican plus the cannibal globalist elites inside the City of London within London to use their deadly Covid vaccines to get rid of as many world citizens as possible especially in the U.K., South Africa and Australia before their Trackable, Corrupt Central Bank Digital Currencies are released to the public by ‘bailing in’ all your cash inside your bank accounts and safety deposit boxes then devaluing your money and resetting it to the spying CBDC where the Globalist Elites who control all your mainstream news, vaccine companies and hospitals, may ask you to show PROOF OF VACCINATION before they release your own money back to you.
These digital CBDC will be used to restrict everything you buy and say ( no more freedom to speak or post ). Your master then will be able to ERASE your CBDC if you speak out again then or their puppets like CNN, BLOOMBERG, NY TIMES, The Guardian, Amazon, Walmart, Costco, NBC, Global News, politicians, Snopes, politifact and other globalist controlled Fact Checking Sites.
Again, if your family dies or is seriously injured after their Covid vaccines, you can NOT sue the drug companies as they have been made NOT LIABLE. Your corrupt CDC controlled doctors will ignore your pleads for medical help when you or family develops serious diseases and fast growing Cancers caused by the Covid vaccines ( by the way, the GARDASIL HPV VACCINES also causes ovarian failure leading infertile in young girls and women over time ).
If you choose or is fooled by the lying mainstream news to believe that the Covid vaccines are safe then you are on your own when the side effects begin after days, weeks and months from the the first and 2nd jab. Most corrupt doctors controlled by the CDC own medical schools will never tell you that your natural immunity if far better than the synthetic immunity created by the dirty vaccines with infertility chemicals and brain damaging ingredients added.
My own family takes on the vitamin D giving sunshine from the sun plus take supplements like vitamin C, D, A and the virus combating ZINC. We also take Elderberry syrup and Chaga Mushroom tea for virus preventative. The Quercetin and NAC are good at helping your body fight Bill Gates Covid Virus.
Boost your immune system and you will be able to fight off most viruses released into the public by the military and the CDC.
I would never take donated blood or organs from a person infected by the spike proteins produced inside their body by the COVID VACCINES.
WATCH OUT for Cars, Trucks, Trains and Planes driven by drivers poisoned by the COVID19 vaccines funded by Bill Gates under orders of the Royal Family, the Rothschilds & Rockefellers.
We are now seeing a 300% increase in car accidents caused by vaccinated sheeple that develop sudden blood blots to the brain or heart causing them to dive into a coma or unconsciousness while driving leading to massive accidents.
Watch carefully your kids, these poisonous, deadly soft-kill gene therapy injections labelled as vaccines will cause many teens and later kids to develop instant depression leading to suicides as the toxic vaccines chemical bypass the brain’s blood brain barrier slowly damaging the brain causing also face & limb paralysis and bell’s palsy, seizures, Tourette’s syndrome, Narcolepsy and even yes AUTISM as that issue has never been settled only by the False Data provided by the corrupt CDC as they push to sell more deadly vaccines and faulty PCR TESTS to fool the public while discrediting the life saving IVERMECTIN DRUG that has been used for years for human patients ... saying this is for horses. That is how the mainstream news censors COVID19 cures that will heal the patients within 18 hours to 4 days with no lasting side effects. Because ivermectin is low cost and the patent is expiring the greedy corrupt CDC wants you to use satanic Dr FAUCI’S toxic Remdesivir drug known to damage the kidney to the point you need to be on a kidney dialysis machine for life or the very expensive new antiviral drug called Molnupiravir by Merck with many undisclosed side effects for again a virus that had a 99.8% recovery rate.
The ivermectin drug work better than the Hydrochloroquine cause the ZINC was omitted. The Hydrochloroquine + Zinc also works.
Careful, many corrupt doctors tell you that they vaccinated their own family but that is not true, many DO NOT, knowing the deadly side effects.
The CDC, Bill Gates, Dr FAUCI, Dr Bonnie Henry, Biden & Trudeau have been lying to you since DAY 1...Fight Back now or die within this Global Purge and manufactured Food Shortage created to begin your HUNGER GAMES as Biden & Trudeau brings in millions of UNvaccinated illegals & Fake Refugees to place all the Vaccine Death with have take the MARK OF THE BEAST vaccines with the blood clotting Graphene Oxide that destroys the OXYGEN holding, carrying capacity of your red blood cells, making you very very tired & fatigued over time as this vaccine gives many instant Anemia while others BLEED OUT in their uterus, YES continuous, bleeding, never ending menstrual cycles till you need ongoing Blood Transfusions.
Men may run into swollen testicles ( scrotum sacs from the blood clotting side effects of these deadly vaccines )...
Ask your family if they want their family BLOOD LINE to be chopped off while Congress and the Globalist Elites are injected with harmless saline solution to put on a show for the money making vaccine campaign.
My PITCH FORK is out, what about yours. DO NOT fight each other as mainstream news is using words to pit your against the healthy unvaccinated. Use lawyers to fight against the corrupt politicians, leaders, school boards, work places that press for the communist vaccine passports that verify that you took the poisonous, brain damaging, cancer causing Covid vaccines ordered by the Queen of England and her bosses inside the City of London within London.
FIGHT BACK NOW WITH YOUR LAWYERS before the CRITICAL RACE THEORY pushing schools damage the brains of your kids.
ALL LIVES MATTER, NOT ONLY THOSE VIOLENCE BLM GROUPS funded by ISLAM but also the looting, violent paid Antifa terrorists funded by George SOROS that killed your citizens and burned your cities for $$$$ from the rich.
All cryptocurrencies will make you rich even the ISO 2022 corrupt coins like XLM, XRP and XDC of the new Quantum Financial System of the Cannibal Globalist Elites. Keep your other decentralized crypto on separate wallets from the XRP, XLM, XDC & Centralized coins that Track & spy on it’s holder.
The cancer causing 5G infrastructure is not yet all up yet. Your masters need to wait for those who are vaccinated have the PRION PROTEINS from the vaccine ingredients to damage the DNA of the patients for another 3 to 4 years if they did not die instantly. After the 3 years, the 5G Grid plus the toxic chem train spraying funded by Bill Gates, will have enough people pumped full of metal Graphene Oxide to be able to be fully tracked...nowhere to run...Bill Gates’ NAZI GERMANY is here as he buys up most of the farm lands for himself, FOOD SHORTAGE THEN STARVATION...
Some patients develop vision and hearing problems after vaccination while others became BLIND.
DO NOT take my message as Financial or Medical advice as I am neither a doctor or financial advisor.
🇨🇦 Canadians can report their Vaccine Dead and Vaccine Injured to

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