what about the dangerous side effects?

Which are very rare.

RARE ? Explain rare?
You people act like we have drug deficiencies from science.

Health does not come from laboratories #justsaying

vaccine free and WOW how did I make it past all those dangerous benign microbes lol.

Ever hear of MTHFR gene mutation?
Ischemic stroke?
Cytokine Storm?
Vaccine induced scurvy?
Need I say more?

do people research?

I agree, health is really depending on your lifestyle, and I think a lot of our modern lifestyle is unhealthy (eg sitting too much, eating too much, eating wrng stuff). I know you will probably hate on this source but here are some stats about side effects from varicella vaccinations:
Also, have you ever worked in a laboratory? There is nobody from the government sitting there telling you: oh do this so we can help big pharma. People do research because they want to help people.
Also, you probably know what a correlation is, because that is what you are showing in your data. Science is not about if A then B. That is actually very bad. The rise of alzheimer´s or autism may not be due vaccination, but merely because of other lifestyle problems. Like eating too much meat or protein. There is virtually so much out there that can cause problems, so pinning it down to one issue is not just wrong, but deceiving.
Another problem, you cannot just ignore all the scientific, peer-reviewed studies that shows that vaccinations are safe. I agree, vaccinations can be contaminated and there are side effects. However, research is intense in this area and the great majority has no harmful effects from vaccinations. Long term health effects is a difficult topic anyways. Standards in studies change and nobody can control 5000 people for 50 years and make sure they allow for controlled variables.
Also, I would be more critical of studies that are older than 10 years. Ideally you would want use research that is maximum five years old. Science is rapidly evolving, as are vaccinations.
I must add, I appreciate you not being personal and allowing other opinions.


Porcine circovirus DNA found in RotaTeq?

Pig Virus DNA Found in Rotarix ?

Do You Know the Extent of Microbial Contamination?

Other Contaminates?

Merck’s Gardisil contaminated with genetically engineered viral HPV

The ‘Infanrix Hexa’ vaccine which is given to babies under 6 months old for diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis (whooping cough), hepatitis B, poliomyelitis (polio) and Haemophilus influenza type b (Hib) has been recalled due to a potential contamination by Bacillus cereus a bacterium which is known to be toxic to humans.

Flu vaccine contaminated

Nanobacteria are novel microorganisms that are not detectable with present sterility testing methods, but they are detectable with new culture and immunomethods. They are commonly present in bovine and blood products and thus in cell cultures and antigens, including vaccines derived therefrom, and may be present in antibody and gammaglobulin products. Nanobacteria are a potential risk because of their cytotoxic properties and ability to infect fetuses, and thus their pathogenicity should be scrutinized. [1997] A New Potential Threat in Antigen and Antibody Products: Nanobacteria

"In the Rimavex measles vaccine, we found various chicken viruses. In polio vaccine, we found acanthamoeba, which is a so-called "brain-eating" amoeba. Simian cytomegalovirus in polio vaccine. Simian foamy virus in the rotavirus vaccine. Bird-cancer viruses in the MMR vaccine. Various micro-organisms in the anthrax vaccine. I've found potentially dangerous enzyme inhibitors in several vaccines. Duck, dog, and rabbit viruses in the rubella vaccine. Avian leucosis virus in the flu vaccine. Pestivirus in the MMR vaccine......And if you try to calculate what damage these contaminants can cause, well, we don't really know, because no testing has been done, or very little testing. It's a game of roulette. You take your chances........And I'm just mentioning some of the biological contaminants. Who knows how many others there are? Others we don't find because we don't think to look for them. If tissue from, say, a bird is used to make a vaccine, how many possible germs can be in that tissue? We have no idea.We have no idea what they might be, or what effects they could have on humans."----Jon Rappoport interview of ex vaccine researcher (2001)

The MMR is contaminated with
Avian Leukosis Virus
Which is linked to leukemia

Realize how they are made , with what and where.

Its nasty, toxic, filthy and contaminated!

ALL of them.

inject diseases get diseases.

ever wonder how the hep B vaccine is produced?

it's nasty!!

Yes, and you used some legit sources so thank you for that! But than again, did these result in infections? If these biological contaminations were a huge issue, we would likely have epidemics of these all around the world all the time and I have not been aware of any.
Absolutely correct, viruses evolve and production methods can be messy. That is why science is constantly evolving. For example, I am working on new water filters to filter out estrogenic compounds from surface water (potentially this can cause cancer, although it is unlikely it did). That was not an issue a few years ago. So labs do make us healthy by preventing harm.
And then there is scaling. A vaccination is a very small volume of liquid. The contaminations are in small concentrations. Thus the amounts are so tiny, it is unlikely that they have effects unless you are very sensitive to them.
Since you like examples, I have been vaccinated against everything (except flu because that is virtually a lottery), never gotten any problems from it (like I never had the swine flu). If you are worried about micro contaminations, you cannot drink beer. If you are afraid of heavy metal traces you cannot drink drinking water (some use aluminum compounds in filtration).
Did you ever even read about studies that were researching vaccine safety (I am not talking about studies whose purpose was to verify that they are safe)? I really think you should at least try to leave your paradigm for a little bit and do some research.,1
This is a link to a search on google scholar. The search term was "vaccine safety" - very much not biased. Just go and read some of these articles (peer-reviewed, no need to sell anything or produce traffic). These are the most legitimate sources you can bring to a scientific argument.


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