Update on Maine's pushback against the Mandatory Vaxxer agenda.

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The hearings have just concluded. HUNDREDS of Mainers (which is A LOT for hearings here and for such a small state) came out to express their displeasure at Maine's bill (LD 798) being pushed by the medical establishment and the Democrats. This bill, if passed, would remove all religious and conscientious exceptions to Maine's vaccine laws, preventing anti-vaxxer's kids from attending public schools, and putting anti-vaxxer homeschoolers at other disadvantages.

Most Republican Legislators were opposed, but I don't have the final vote. Unfortunately, the Republicans are in the minority in this session.

From all accounts, opponents of the bill outnumbered supporters more than 2-1, and filled three overflow rooms hoping to testify. Only a hundred will probably got their two minutes of fame...

Here is a photo of many of us on the right side of the issue today:

(Image courtesy of Bangordailynews.com.)

My friend, Russell Black, a Republican representative from the town I grew up in put in a bill (LD 987) which would allow for medical exemptions, should the Democrat measure pass. It's not as good as the parentalrights.org "Parental Rights" bill, but it would allow Maine doctors to exempt kids that have had previous adverse reactions and allow them to still attend school.

The Committee vote should be available shortly...

I will update this story as more information becomes available.

LATE EDIT: The hearings actually went on late into the night last night. Sorry for the misinfo I posted. The committee's working session to consider amendments has not even been scheduled yet. Predictably, Maine's MSM did their very best to mischaracterize the hearings. One network even said "several people" came...when there were HUNDREDS. Other outlets suggested that 70% of Mainers favor the bill. NOT ONE MSM outlet told the truth about opposition at the hearing running more than 2-1 against support.

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Can you believe we need a "Parental RIghts" bill ? Highly disturbing.


Like we needed a "defense of marriage act," or "a religious freedom restoration act," etc. YEP...signs of the times. We have a Constitution that JUST NEEDS UPHOLDING (and that needs some traitors inside the beltway to swing.)

Apologies for jumping in on your post matey, with nothing relevant.

.....I thought I better warn you - before you are warned..(because apparently she is going to 'warn people'... Oh the trauma!).lmao....
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Oh my...the drama...lol...


Luce has just sent her a comment to - she was all upset...oh dear.

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