No middle ground is acceptable...FULL VACCINATION SCHEDULE, or "you don't belong."

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This is an excellent essay that was going to run in "USA Today" last year...but something happened. Something always seems to when Yale University's panel of virologists cancelled their debate with Robert Kennedy, Jr. last week, or like when Trump cancelled the panel on vaccines that he promised us, or when all the parents who came to Washington for the vaccine "hearings" a couple weeks ago got locked out at the last second....(you get the idea...)

It is becoming apparent that the VAXXERS and their MSM-owning, Big-Pharma allies feel they have no reason, whatsoever, to compromise with parents and other concerned citizens, whatsoever. They obviously feel they have the power (and the false flag options) to back up their position that nothing but full vaccination of all people ON THE RECOMMENDED SCHEDULE is the only thing they will accept for people to be permitted to be fully-involved in modern society.

(J.B. Handley...fellow blogger and writer of the excerpt below:)

Here is a link to a fine article on this:

Here is the key excerpt from the link above:

"I believed the narratives that appealed to emotion and trust in authority that we often hear about vaccines. Herd immunity, for example: Nobody wants to be the selfish parent who puts everyone else at risk. Vaccination is important, not only for our own kids but for the health of the community, especially the vulnerable, right? Well, no one really knows because we’ve never come close to achieving herd immunity through vaccines. Today the science is clear that most vaccines wane in four to ten years. With the adult population less than 50 percent up to date on vaccines, we’re nowhere near herd immunity and never have been. “Herd immunity” is one of the many sophisticated PR strategies designed to compel parents into vaccinating their children through emotional manipulation.

Enough with the “anti-vaccine” label. 'Anti-vaccine' is a slur used to quell debate and a waste of my time and yours. People for safer cars are not 'anti-car.' We don’t have time for these kinds of oversimplified attacks and binary labels. Our kids desperately need us to rise to the occasion of an informed, intellectual, and fact-based debate that examines arguments on their merits.

What I genuinely believe is that each vaccine needs to be evaluated on its own merits. While I acknowledge that vaccines provide some benefit to society in reducing cases of certain acute illness, they also cause brain damage in some of the vulnerable kids who receive them. The public health establishment in this country has not been forthcoming with us. They exaggerate the overall benefits from vaccination and severely downplay the risks, either through improper monitoring and testing or through blatant misrepresentations. And while we have the capacity to do it, we don’t systematically assess the children who are more vulnerable to vaccination before they receive any."

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There you go.

A middle ground may not be permissible, but as the above clearly shows, one can be very well presented and elucidated. Will a CIVIL SOCIETY even soon be proscribed? Are we soon to be nothing but tax-paying serfs without even the ownership of our own bodies?

It's probably up to you...

(Save me a spot in your nice mountain cave--preferably a dry one with lots of nice dead leaves, and not too close to the smoky side of the fire. Thanks.)

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You should refuse all medical services, since you know better than the doctors