I don't GMO, I don't brush with fluoride, I don't nicotine or alcohol (much)...WHY WOULD YOU THINK I WOULD VACCINATE???

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At least those of us who are truly concerned about our own health are consistent; whereas, those that push vaccination harder than just about anyone else may choose not to do one of the others, but still will do other harmful things.

BE CONSISTENT, VAXXERS, or get out of my face with your silliness.

(Courtesy of disclose.tv.)

With the big push ongoing right now to force all of us to adopt "vaxxer values" you would think that these same people WHO CLAIM TO BE CONCERNED FOR HUMAN HEALTH would be on the front lines fighting one of these other evils as well, but you rarely hear a VAXXER talking about these other dangers. You rarely hear about a VAXXER questioning ANYTHING the government does, OR WANTS TO DO for that matter.

Ever talked to a diehard VAXXING 911 truther? or birther? or Sandy Hoaxer? or...you get the drift.

There just seems to be something about surrendering your mind, soul and body...and suspending your disbelief... to Big Brother that brings about a consistent acceptance of lying culture, from A to Z.

(Image courtesy of abc.net.au.)

It's sad, but it's a fact.

You know all those creepy walking "zombie" movies a lot of these same people seem to love? WHAT IF they are those zombies...just not yet activated.

Think about it. What--other than the nonsense about trying to control long-term cyclical and normal "climate change"--could be a logical reason for acclimating the Western World to constant chemtrails in our skies? Talk about a global "adjuvant!" AND...have you heard about the similarities between some of the contents of those trials and what they add to many vaccines?? Um...hmmmm....

2 + 2 = ???

LOOK..it's not me and the truther community that is suggesting that we need to wipe out 95% of the world's population to "save the planet." IT'S THEM and their vaxxer allies.

Now, let's try logic for a second....

If we know the globalists are pushing for a massive global culling, and we know these same globalists desperately want to disarm those who still have the right to keep and bear arms, and we know that they also desperately want us all to be FORCED TO VACCINATE in order to participate in society, should we not at least assume that MAYBE they mean what they say?

Is it safer, then, for anyone in the middle of the vaccination debate to side with us, or with them?

2 + 2 = ???

If you know the answer.


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