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RE: Parents WARNING other Parents: Daughter's Epilepsy a Result of DTaP Vaccine

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As a fairly educated person I can't say I agree with everything written here. But I'm not as asshole, I do agree that we can't trust everything the medical professionals tell us. It is a money making industry that will do a lot to keep their funds rolling in.

I like to look at this kind of thing from a detached view. I like to say "what if"
What if the child was allergic to a part of the vaccine?

What if kids had a reaction to panadol, would panadol need to be banned even though millions of others have great success with it?

I'm not anti or pro anything, I just like to think logically and dispassionately


Thank-you for your thoughtful and reasoned comment.
Doctors have no problem with realizing that penicillin can kill a few vulnuerable and allergic individuals, and they will always ask if you are allergic to any antibiotics before prescribing them,
BUT they will NOT ask you if you have had a previous bad reaction to a vaccine before pushing more of them on you?
It makes absolutely zero sense.
It is an EXTREME unwillingness to admit that vaccines have adverse reactions just like ANY other pharmaceutical,
and they are not one size fits all.

That is the most sensible response I've heard regarding antivax.
A vaccine MAY have an adverse reaction on SOME people. Thats not to say that all vaccines are bad as they are going to give you epilpsy or cancer.
The vaccine is no different to any other pharmaceutical, it doesn't work for everyone.
But for people to just blantantly say "No my kids can't have it as it'll give them epilepsy" is just plain stupid. But if they have a reaction, then yes thats just good sense to not get it.
The one size fits all argument goes both ways.

I'm very much pro-vaccine, but if my kids got sick because of it, I'd look at not getting the follow up shots as well.

Every Vaccine Package Insert that comes with each vial,
says clearly in it that the doctor is supposed to go over the information with the patient and discuss it.
It also says to take a family history and that certain conditions, like seizures in a family member for instance, are a reason to NOT give that particular vaccine. It also says to ask if there have been any previous reactions to the same type of vaccine, and in certain cases not to give it.

You are concerned about what would happen if vaccines were banned.
But that is not a likely situation.
On the other hand, what has already happened in several places,
(including in Australia where you live I believe)
is that vaccines are being mandated for everyone!

And it is next to impossible to get even a Medical Exemption.
Doctor's first are unwilling or unable to recognize an adverse reaction to vaccines,
and even if a doctor does write up a medical exemption the government is likely to reject it or even strip the doctor of his license if he has written more than a couple of them.

In the end, it should be each parent and individuals choice,
with Informed Consent or Informed rejection.

For me, I have refused all vaccines for my children for 2 main reasons.

(1) - the unvaccinated children that I know are almost always MUCH healthier than the children who get all their vaccines. This includes little things like not getting ear infections as babies all the way up to extreme conditions like epilepsy.

(2)- I'm not overly afraid of most of the things being vaccinated against. I had measles, mumps, chickenpox, and rubella as a child. My own children were exposed to Whooping Cough when it went through my town and had only the mildest cough (I did isolate them to protect others.)

I am glad that we both can respect each other and our different positions.
I think that we agree on the most important things.

This has been brought into Australian politics. It started off at No Jab no Play, so they withdrew childcare funding. It was still your right to not vacinate, and you could still do daycare but you didn't get the 50% childcare rebate.
Now I think QLD (where I live) has mandated that you must have the jab to attend school. I don't know how I feel about that, I'm on the fence. Why should the child be disadvantaged because of the parents decision, the kid has no say in that.

One thing you will notice with any of my posts, is that I aim to be respectful to others beliefs. Just because I don't agree is no reason for me to vilify them or try to prove them wrong.

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