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RE: Parents WARNING other Parents: Daughter's Epilepsy a Result of DTaP Vaccine

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One of the reasons I stopped being a CNA is the last place I worked was seriously considering making us get the Flu shot every year. This is starting to become common practice for healthcare workers and it sickens me to the core.

Great article. I wish I had of known more about vaccines when my kids were born. We didn't know much in the late 80's & early 90's so we never questioned it.

As as result my own son is on the Autism spectrum and so are my two step sons.

I personally also think a factor into all of this is the GMO foods being forced on us at every turn. I've been trying to go more organic as it becomes available. This is also something I wish I'd of known more about years ago.


Yes. It is awful how much the flu shot is being pushed.

I know what you mean about being sickened to the core,
as just this last weekend I was at a drug store and witnessed how they set up a table at the entrance,
had a pharmacist doing injections,
and another lady with a clipboard reeling in the customers.
They were preying on the elderly and they had lots of customers.

I honestly felt like vomiting and was so angry that they were targeting these seniors. I never saw them give out any disclosure forms or have the seniors sign anything at all. It was hard pressure sales.

They do that here too. It also sickens me.

They had my mom believing she needed it. Every year it would make her sick as a dog.

She recently passed away but I had tried to talk her into not getting them over the years. Sadly, she always chose to do it.

(Her passing was prior to the shot this year so it was unrelated as far as I know.)

A couple of years ago my husband went up to the pharmacist at a different grocery store/drug store who was advertising the flu shot.
My husband asked about the shots and they gave him a copy of a disclosure form that they needed people to sign first before the shot.
To this store's credit, the disclosure form was downright scary!!
It mentioned that it can cause Guillaine Barre Syndrome,
gave a fairly long list of things in it you could be allergic to,
said to wait 20 minutes after the shot in case you have a reaction,
and to sign permission for them to give you an epi-pen in case you go into anaphylactic shock afterwards.

My husband saw seniors look the form over and walk away without getting the shot afterall.
So I can at least respect that store for letting people know that they could be killing them before they give out the shot.

I should go back and get a copy from them and post it here.

But it makes it extra terrible to see this different pharmacy reeling in the customers without any disclosure of risks.
Also, who warns the parents of babies and children that are getting the shot?

No one warmed me when my babies were getting the shots. There should be a sit down appointment explaining every detail prior to a child receiving them for sure.

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