GERM Theory vs. TERRAIN Theory : Are Germs Really the Enemy?

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Vaccination is based on the GERM THEORY of disease.

The Germ Theory has some truth, but has gaping holes in it.

I think that the TERRAIN THEORY makes a lot more sense.

"If the Germ Theory were true...

no one would be alive to believe it!"

Dr. B. J. Palmer, the Developer of Chiropractic

To put it simply, I do not live in fear of germs and viruses.

Germs and viruses have a job to do! They are the clean-up crew!

They clean up our "terrain" when it is needed. They help restore our bodies to health.

There are germs and viruses everywhere. We can't avoid them all. We could never be vaccinated against them all. Would you get 1000 vaccines if they were available against 1000 viruses or bacteria? Where does it stop?


Below are some Quotes about the role of germs in our bodies:

The germ or virus alone is never the sole cause of disease.

Do mosquitos make the water stagnant? Or does stagnant water attract the mosquitos?

Infection is a body cleaning process for a body burdened with toxic materials.

Germs seek their natural habitat.

For more detailed information on the flawed Germ Theory, Please Read Dr. Brad Case's Articles Below:

#1 Dr. Brad Case: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Germ

#2 Dr. Brad Case: Attack of the Living Dead?

And More Info on "Soil Theory" aka Terrain Theory, can be found here: Soil Theory vs. Germ Theory

This video below has some very good information in it. I really like Dr. Larry Palevsky, MD. Start at the 27-minute mark to hear him discuss the Germ Theory.

Read more Vaccine Awareness articles at my Blog @canadian-coconut

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I know that this is a very controversial topic ...
but if you care about children as much as I care about children...
surely we can all be civil and help each other discover the best way forward for all our children and future generations.
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Hello Linda. I've just posted a translation of your text: “Vaccination Is Not Immunization” here:

Thank You very much.

Thanks again for spreading the facts.

Anyone who has ever tried to grow anything in the wrong conditions should know this. Try to grow mold in the desert, or grow cactus in the dark, or fertilize a tomato plant with table salt, and water it with gasoline. This is almost totally overlooked by establishment medicine.

Exactly! Thank-you.
To understand every detail of how terrain and germs combine to sicken us would probably be hours upon hours of research. I admit that I haven't done days and weeks of research on this one yet.
BUT what I do know, is that not everybody gets sick when they are exposed to other ill people.

And on top of that, many times the vaccinated are more likely to get sick than the unvaccinated, which I have seen first hand with whooping cough and chickenpox where the vaccinated child gets a bad case of whooping cough, but my 3 unvaccinated children DID NOT get it even after playing with the infected child day after day. And with chickenpox, when my 3 children were exposed only one got full symptoms, one got only fever, and one got zero symptoms.

The reason why we get sick or not sick is multi-faceted and vaccination is an extremely over-simplified approach that in the end weakens the overall health of the host.

If medical science spent more time discovering who is susceptible to harm from illness, why and under what conditions, then they could easily discover much much better solutions than vaccinations could ever hope to offer. But instead they cling to a failing method while our population gets more and more chronically ill than ever.

hmmm... maybe I should have put all of that in the article instead of in the comments.
But thanks for commenting and drawing that out of me ... lol.

I save my comments, especially the lengthy, inspired ones, in categorized files and use them in future posts, usually rewriting them to fit. Some of my best ideas come out in rants.

I am an example of the weakness engendered by vaccination. I was fully vaccinated in the 1970's. Every time I would get sick, it would turn into a horror show. I was the worst case of chicken pox my doctor had seen in 30 years. This pattern persisted until I learned to reverse the effects of vaccine toxicity. Since then, I have been resilient and healthy.

That's a good idea for when I'm stuck trying to come up with new material. Thanks!

Fantastic. When the immune system is not functioning, we become an easy meal for microorganisms. There are a few nasty ones we should avoid exposure to but I see that as an environmental and sanitation issue, not something to be solved by vaccination. Even the most basic sanitation like kids in school washing their hands before eating is not practiced. And where I am currently in Mexico- forget it. I absolutely never eat in restaurants because I don't want to get hepatitis or Tb.

Thanks for the information @canadian-coconut :D

Thanks for your support bonton!


This is hilarious.

Nice satire, right?

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