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There Is No Debate

Debates rage about the pros and pitfalls of any particular practice concerning health. An issue embroiled in considerable controversy at present is that of vaccination.

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia recommends infants receive some 27 vaccines in the first 2 years of life. Interestingly, it wasn’t that long ago that medics in training were admonished to minimize, or avoid altogether these practices during infancy due to the delicate state of an immature immune system.

Although I chose against vaccinating my own children, I understand all too well the angst parents face when making such a decision. Your children are your business, but I also believe the facts, free of politics, business and trends should be readily available concerning the efficacy/safety of vaccines. Surprisingly, many parents have still not availed themselves to the ample and unbiased evidence that could very well impact this all too-important decision.

A glaringly absent element in the vaccine discussion is any effort to demarcate immunization and vaccination as very different and separate methods. 

… the germ is nothing, the milieu is everything ~Louis Pasteur

Antecedent to current vaccine “policies” epidemiologist worldwide practiced bioterrain protocols aligned with a more advanced understanding of the human ecosystem. In contrast, vaccines utilize toxins, synthetics and attenuated microbes to force an unnatural reaction from a fragile system in its developmental stage. Unfortunately, this distinction has been lost, by well-contrived design, as the two terms have become synonymous.

Alfa Vedic is about informed choice. Our products conform to the most sacred premises of Natural Law, in accordance with advanced bioterrain principles and classical logic. The responsible stewardship of our planet begins with the intelligent and responsible care for your own internal ecology. 

We will be covering this very important subject in great depth here on Steemit and on our website.  Please follow and like our posts so others can discover and become aware of the truth.  

As Above So Below. - Dr. Barre


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Thanks for sharing the truth behind vaccines! Great post!

Wow! You're on it with the vaccine posts. I already shared this on your other post but I'm going to share it again here because it's so important that people hear what's going on. The media won't tell us.

I just posted breaking news about new information that shows the CDC covered up the fraud they call research that they use to dispute the link between vaccines and autism. You can find it here:

This is big news! It could null and void the fraudulent research used to deny the causal link, and put some of these fraudsters in jail.

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