RE: Diabetes in Infants - Caused by Vaccination (VaxXed: Stories from the Road)

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Diabetes in Infants - Caused by Vaccination (VaxXed: Stories from the Road)

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I can't help but feel that maybe just maybe there are things worse than getting type 1 diabetes... I don't know like dying from a disease that we have the ability to wipe off the planet.. But you're right watching your child die a slow and horrible death from tetanus is the much better option than risking the off chance that they might get a manageable problem like type 1 diabetes.

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If there was ever a shortage of insulin for a couple of days,
or if the family couldn't afford it (it must be expensive)
this little girl would die. Without expensive and invasive medical intervention,
this little girl would be dead.
There is not much worse than that!

Modern medicine is certainly MUCH MUCH better at treating a case of measles or mumps. Heck, I never even went to see a doctor when I had both of those because they are not serious unless the person is malnourished or drinking contaminated water.

And the person who is malnourished or living without sanitation,
certainly can't afford to buy insulin every day or pay for the expensive medical treatment needed to save their lives from diabetes when they first get ill and are trying to figure out what is happening.