Reasons Why The CDC & W.H.O. funded the creation of the COVID-19

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The above video reports that a 5-year old has become the youngest known CoronaVirus victim in the UK. Find out why the China linked World Health Organization lied that covid-19 mostly affected seniors and why the CDC & W.H.O. began shaming citizens for wearing masks at the beginning of this so called Pandemic, yup THEY wanted this deadly virus to spread without question.

Find out why the CDC, United Nations, World Health Organization and Bill Gates ( Bill Gates' dad was a eugenicist ) funded the creation of the deadly COVID-19.


  1. Reduce the the population ( the rich pedophile elites believe that there are too many people on earth )

  2. Use the chaos and fear of their newly released virus to cover up the dying economies around the world plus the huge debts carried by countries and central banks as they continue to print money. Economies were falling off the cliff and many worldwide banks were bankrupt. The pedophile elite families that controlled the medical system, vaccine & drug companies, central banks and the FED needed something big to cover up the big mess they had created as they make the fiat currency more and more worthless by printing too much money ( QE FOREVER to hide the big debts by all countries ).

  3. There plan is to split off citizens out of rural area and lock them down into small, compact cities, just like they are doing now, keeping everything from chatting to one another so that the truth is hidden ( quarantined on a giant Prison Planet ) so you will need to depend of these criminal organizations to keep you and your family fed as more and more people lose their jobs in their staged covid-19 pandemic by the CDC, W.H.O. and the United Nations along with Bill Gates. They need to 'control' people and have them listen to only the command of the corrupt health officials. DO NOT WEAR MASKS .... then WEAR MASKS after they have allowed the coronavirus to spread by not closing all travel and telling citizens not to wear masks just because health officials did not prepare ahead of time.

  4. Big Chaos by COVID-19 is used to blame the rigged stock markets and gold prices fluctuating when all markets are controlled by the same evil group of pedophile families. Yes, they want control of all the earth's population in order to bring in their ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT/NEW WORLD ORDER.

  5. Last but not least, many parents have now caught on to the fact that dangerous vaccines promoted by commericals and the mainstream media are truly unsafe and has lead to the death of millions of children and sickness in others. This of course is covered up in order to gain billions of dollars in profits from the sales of deadly vaccines and dangerous chemotherapy after the patients develops Cancer from taking vaccines for years. Now in order to freak out enough smart minded parents into taking up these deadly vaccines, the CDC and W.H.O. with funding from the United Nations has come up with the CORONAVIRUS COVID-19 VACCINE SCAM.

  6. Quarantines will be sold as 2 weeks first, then told that so many are dying that lock downs are to continue for months then even years. This coronavirus scare will have citizens listen to every unconstitutional order maid by the medical officials. First they told us that it was 'just the flu' to allow this virus to spread, now they tell us, oops, it killing thousands...they told us not to stock up on food and water and said that store shelves will be refilled with sold out items. But guess what? When there is a food shortage when companies are prohibited to function, then the criminal puppets will raise the price of all the goods and families who won't be able to afford the high prices because of unemployment will begin to STARVE. Then the corrupt government puppets will pass out food or allow you to have food on a few devious conditions .... HERE COMES MANDATORY DEADLY VACCINES AND CANCER CAUSING MICROCHIPS UNDER THE SKIN, accept these conditions or NO JOB FOR YOU ... meaning NO FOOD if you decide to refuse cancer causing vaccines and microchips to track and hunt you down for termination for not following the dumb sheeple. YES, this entire releasing of COVID-19 was to cover up the failing banking system, reduce the world's population and to forcibly vaccinate every person on earth except for the pedophile controllers of Earth.


You see conventional doctors taught at medical schools funded by big pharmaceutical will NEVER recommend any natural treatments that are safe and have little to no dangerous and deadly side effects. All your greedy doctors have been only taught how to prescribe toxic drugs that only mask the symptoms of your illnesses caused by their vaccines but never heal or cure it. You see these allopathic doctors know close to nothing about nutrition or even the safety of vaccines. They are only told that vaccines are safe but have never even have studied themselves all the dangerous ingredients and cancer causing stuff like the Nagalase Enzymes and the contamined Monkey Cancer cells within vaccines. Doctors can't even tell you off the bat, what is exactly in vaccines but yet they freely advocate that you keep injecting your kids with these toxic vaccines time and time again.

As I said, as more parents find out that these money making vaccine scam that earn drug companies and their buddies billions of dollars each year and these parents have educated themselves on all the possible side effects including death that vaccines cause more smart and educated parents are refusing to get their kids vaccinated year after year so the CoronaVirus was released as many other viruses before to create outbreaks. Each outbreak that has been engineered is for the sole purpose of scaring all parents around the world to keep buying into their vaccine scam to make kids sick, even babies right after they are born so new mom can never see what a healthy baby looks like and get conned into believing her baby was born sick. Yes, the release of this covid-19 from a lab funded by Bill Gates, the CDC, the United Nations, the World Health Organization and Drug company was to 'reduce' the world's population and to frighted the educated parents who refused dangerous vaccines for their kids to hop 'back on' the Vaccine train.

There is no profit gained by all these evil elites and their puppets from natural treatments and none can be patented and profited off. Only when they can sell expensive profit making toxic Vaccines, Chemotherapy, Radiation and prescription drugs do they make tons of money. Doctors are even threatened that if they even mention any natural treatments or say the word 'cure' that they may have their medical license pulled. That how big of a money maker the release of COVID-19 upon the poor Chinese citizens are. Remember to watch all the video at the bottom of this post to see why governments and health officials at the CDC, FDA, EPA and the W.H.O. can NOT be trusted.

Video BELOW explains that the covid-19 virus is much more dangerous than EBOLA, SARS or the common Flu and why the CDC & W.H.O. still allowed travel into every country and took so long to announce the Outbreaks as a Pandemic leading to the intensional growth of infected patients that are now overwhelming the medical system and hospitals of all countries. When the doctors and nurses begin getting sick and dying with this CoronaVirus, the patients will not get the appropriate care and lung pumping machines that they need and millions upon millions of people around the world will die helping the rich elites that own the central banks, the FED, the CDC, the United Nations, the Hospitals and Medical Schools to accomplish their goals of 'reducing the world's populations' as indicated by Bill Gates and the foundation that he built. These groups are so evil and have tight ties with the government of China. Other than 'depopulating' the planet, these evil groups want to profit off of our sickness caused by their toxic prescription drugs and cancer causing vaccines but parents have now found out their vaccine scams of poisoning kids with vaccines that cause autoimmune disease under the guise of helping people prevent disease but turning around and selling their prescription drugs for life as each toxic vaccine adds more dangerous viruses, toxic ingredients and deadly heavy metals into the body. ( see video at the bottom to find out why your doctors tell you that there is no cures for Cancer, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol, Fibroids and Thyroid disease when THERE ARE.

I feel so sorry for the innocent Chinese citizens that have been quarantined for many months and are not provided food in their locked up and sometimes sealed into their homes and apartments with other infected people who then starve to death.

WATCH VIDEO ABOVE TO GET A TRUE SENSE OF WHY THE W.HO. & CDC took so long to declare a COVID-19 Pandemic so that they can preserve the bond loans... again Profits over Lives.

Many people have fallen for the lies told by the Drug & Vaccine companies, the Centers of Disease Control ( CDC ) & the World Health Organization ( W.H.O. ) and now these criminal organizations have allowed the deadly covid-19 virus to spread to every country around the world. By pushing the lies that people in China & Indonesia eat bats caused this CoronaVirus Pandemic, the W.H.O. is able to deflect the blame off of themselves for funding the lab that created this very dangerous covid-19.

The economy would have tanked anyhow because of the huge debts cause by the Bush and Obummer Administrations, now Trump has too clean up a mess too big for him to handle. Don't worry if he's still in office, he can help rebuild after this FED created RECESSION.

The reasons this deadly virus was created and released with the help of the CDC, Drug Companies, W.H.O., Bill Gates and the Pirbright Institution is to coverup their depopulation agenda ( reduce the world's population ), banks failing, stocks and bonds collapsing, and most of all promote their toxic and deadly cancer causing vaccines.

Click on the video below and find out why the Vaccine & Drug companies, the CDC, the United Nations and the W.H.O. funded the creation the COVID-19 virus in a bioweapon lab in Wuhan.

Video above explains why the CoronaVirus covid-19 was created with funding from the rich pedophile elites that control Killary, Obummer, the Democrats, Justin Trudeau, the Rochefellers, the Rothschilds, the FED, Central Banks, BIS, IMF and of course the mainstream media & social media like Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter, REDDIT, Youtube and ( yup a fact checking site that gives readers 'misinformation' about the truth )

Americans do not allow the pedophile controlled Democrats take away your firearms and guns because if you do who will defend your family from the hungry infected migrants and fake refugees brought in by the democrats with funding from George Soros when all the banks close up and the stores not longer have food for sale, you also need your 'protection' from the greedy people in the white lab coats ( doctors ) who are controlled by the big drug and vaccine companies when at last they release their toxic cancer causing vaccines that causes infertility and autoimmune diseases, how will you scare away the dirty cops that accompany these criminal white coats when they come to force vaccinate your family?

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LINK TO BILL GATES ARTICLE: Bill Gates and the CoronaVirus Patent

If you care at all about humanity and how the rich elites like the Vatician, Queen of England, the City of London, George Soros are killing millions around the world under the guise of sustainable living and the Global Warming/Climate Change Scam, you will understand why doctors are not taught the cures for Cancer, Diabetes, High blood Pressure, and High Cholesterol.

All that is in this post is NOT medical advice as I am not a doctor. Please do your own research at as the Google Search has now been rigged to only place CoronaVirus and Vaccine info by the crooked doctors and pedo elites on top of the search.

Remember that your can help your body fight the deadly man-made covid-19 by taking extra Vitamins A, C & D plus Selenium, Zinc, Elderberry syrup, iodine and get plenty of water and rest. Do not over exercise or infected lungs may fail. Just know that the longer an infected patient stays on a ventilator, the faster they will die. Patients going into hospitals usually die within days and will die alone as no relatives or visitors are allowed in.















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