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Total outrage! This scandal shook our city, and I was totally shocked too...

It began when one day in the social web one post appeared. It was info about the main city central school.


It was a long and emotional post of one of parents whose kids study at that school. A woman opened all skeleton in the closet which were hidden there for about 6 months or more.

One of school teachers died in the summer 2019. It was an old and sick woman with many diseases, and of them was tuberculosis! Open form of it! A contagious one!

Did the school inform the city and parents about it?

Did anybody of parents know about it?

It was hidden, closed information completely.
The head of the school did not want to get panic and a scandal that could ruin a new educational year. Parents would transfer their kids to other schools immediately, because it was great risk! So the administration kept silence...

But they could not remain "white" among this dirty trash. The truth always comes out to the surface!

Parents would not know it ever but in December more cases of tuberculosis among kids happened there!

The administration called special dinfectional services, but again no official information for parents, no official meeting and explanations! "Cleaning" - it was said to students and suddenly lessons were over that day.

Btw the quality of cleaning procedures was awful. It was discussed and proved in the social webs of our city too.


Parents felt there was something dangerous there...and then the truth was opened...

Parents were in panic. They were in a fury!!
Why did nobody inform them in summer???
How dare they to keep silent?
Open form of the disease!

It was a huge scandal. Parents informed authorities, dozens of officials and main doctors of the Crimea came to Kerch. They tried to keep parents calm, tried to hide a crime of the school. It was a crime for sure!

The head of the city made a post calming parents and society, but it gave the opposite effect. Such official news appear only when there is no place for new sceletons in the closets...


People were agressive and outraged. They were afraid for their kids!

Now all students and stuff are still in danger - incubation period of tuberculosis is 3-12 months... Any time new sick kids or teachers can appear...

But the most shocking fact for me in this story was the following.

The school.
The teacher with an open form of a disease, ot means she was really dangerous for all people around!
And do you know WHO is guilty in the next sick students? As school stuff say?

UNVACCINATED KIDS of the school!



I know one teacher from that school and wr discussed this scandal. It was her words! Her real serious words!

  • Why do people think it is that old teacher is guilty in tuberculosis among other kids? Yes, open form... BUT there are 25 unvaccinated pupils who reject from any injections, they are danger!!! - she said.

I tried to keep calm...

  • Well, ...are they sick?

  • No, but...

  • Wait. Are they all healthy?

  • Yes, but...

  • So HEALTHY unvaccinated pupils are more dangerous than a woman with an open
    contagious form of a disease???!
    And why are vaccinated people sick in general? They are protected, are not they??

Perhaps at that moment she understood she was in the dead end.


This is really sad, they just want to target the unvaccinated kids in some or the other way.

"other" people are never loved. in any country and any society.
similar slaves are an ideal nation.

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Good on you for daring to make this post - I guess many in your town would cause you problems if they knew you told the whole world.

As for the teacher you talked to...keep in mind, in these times, teachers are not taught to teach, only to indoctrinate. To teach, the teacher must also know how to think logically and to rely on facts, not feelings.

you are so right...
yes, teacher do not teach now. the same as doctors do not treat.

yes, I think local authorities would not be very glad if they had known I had written this story in the international platform... but this scandal was so loud, it sounded much further than just in my city, so I think I was not the only one who made this outrage louder.

I encourage people I meet, who have children, to find a doctor willing to be paid for vaccination certificates, that were not made. As far as I am concerned, it is illegal, morally and ethically and according to the law as it was till now, to insert into the bodies of children heavy metals and other poisons, so in a strict sense, the doctor who helps out is not breaking the law, he/she is actually helping to preserve both the law and the child.

It's truly very sad how healthy unvaccinated kids always get the blame for every disease outbreak. Wish more parent would do more research instead of trusting drug and vaccine company funded doctors right off the bat.



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