I'm Back! Yes, I'm Back! What did I do for 15 Days without using Internet?

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August 18, 2018, my local leave started running until September 1, 2018, and resume on September 2, 2018. Here I am now back to reality office work.

It's nice to be back! (^_^)

What did I do on 1st week of my leave?

Taking care of my kids and trying to catch their behavior of how they act and it is not easy. Patience and time are needed to be able to interact with them. I am happy to see them vigorous playing at home and eating well. I am the temporary teacher of my kids while my wife is in office.

I am the boss! They must follow my rules! No watching and playing a video game! Bwahahaha...

Because I am the boss, I let them run on the wide empty area in the parking lot of the villa. I did teach the eldest of the proper position of the ball handling while dribbling and while the two kids are busy biking and using the scooter. It was great to take the opportunity while the weather is good. No humidity; strong air; the low-temperature heat of the sun. Perfect day for us to play outside.

But before all of this happen, we went to (WB) Warner Brothers, Abu Dhabi and one day night in Radisson Blue Hotel. Thanks for the free ticket! (^_^) Stay tuned for the WB blog soon.

As I watched my children, I noticed how fast the day and the hour ran and I smiled. I smile because I notice that I am getting old also and knowing that soon my loved ones will go as part of the human nature or we can say, in Gods will. While I was watching them, many were running into my mind; like when I was a child playing like my children. Because of that thinking, I miss my cousin whose name is Wilbert Nuestro Divina. He was kind; just drifted away but he has two children too.

On the 2nd week

Face to face! One on one with my kids is one of the most challenging I need to face and need more patience to understand what they want and they need; at the same time while teaching I've tried to laundry the clothes using the washing machine to make it easy.

- When everything is done; cleaning the toy is the next and because the toy was a small part I need to use the dustpan to put them back in the drawer! Funny but it's true! I hate to see a mess around me especially a piece of bread. My eyes are sharp in white color on my carpet and my feet are sensitive in breadcrumbs. This is what I don't like. LOL

- When their mother came, my next move is to clean the entire Gas Stove; from top to bottom and inside of it; fix the cable wire destroyed by the rat and replace. Lucky, I'm a good technician! But wait, I'm a good carpenter also and a farmer; and not only that, I'm a great chef! LOL

Pop up! It's a Bird!

After my kids and have little time to my self I went out for a walk. I look down and I see a bird walking and I expect he will fly if I get closer but he did not; I decided to grab him slowly and take him to the house and put him in a small box and feed until it is recovered from his injury.

All of my kids are happy to see the bird flying a little in our house after 1 day. Other kids are afraid to hold the Birds in their hand that my kids are not.

After 3 days I take out the bird outside and put him in the clothesline for the sunlight and expected to fly alone soon. After 2hours he was still there and when I came back after 3hours I saw him flying away. Happy to see Tim-Tim fly away.

I went back inside of the house and check if my kids awake? Only my youngest son is awake and we went outside to check my Roller Blades; my Blades serve me for a long time for almost 11 years, it was 1 decade!

It's time to say bye bye to my Roller Blades. Thank you for everything...
Brand: Wilson.
Used: 11 Years and 3 Months

I hope I could buy a new Roller Blades very very soon and give one for my daughter also as her request. Many events in my life have taken place within 15 days without using the Internet or mobile phone and Desktop. One thing I can guarantee, nothing can be replaced by my satisfaction and the relaxation of my body.

See you on my next story... I need to read more about what happens in steemit now and to other people. As far as I know, the crypto price is down but it will never stop us or like me to write what we want to express and to share to all people.

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You threw Wilson already?! 😨


Yeah... (^_^) Cannot fix anymore...


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Welcome back @kennyroy good to seem Tim-Tim recover, looks like you been busy still on your days off lol.


Yes, I am... Hahaha... I will share my vacation experience! (^_^)


Yup! Thank you, @purpledaisy (^_^)

wow, bakasyon grande pala kayo sir! We all need a much needed break and so happy for you naavail mo na sir hehehe...God bless your family bonding time :-)


Katatapos lang hehehe... Back to work na...