Arriving to Grand Wailea. My room with an ocean view

in vacation •  6 months ago


So, I finally decided to take some time off of working so hard to buy my cryptos. At some point my obsession needs a little distraction. I finally was able to drag me into a short vacation.

Here’s a short two minute clip of my room with a somewhat ocean view here at Grand Wailea resort in Maui. Sorry for my amateur shaky video. Please enjoy the view...

I hope you like my video. And as always, until we meet again, have a wonderful day.


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EDIT: Oops, I don't think we stayed at that resort in Maui.. we were at the Marriott ...
I must have confused this one with where we stayed in Kauai!


Yes! We had this conversation many moons ago when I stayed at the Garden Inn in Kauai in January 2018, but this place is in Maui at the Waldorf Astoria 5 star collection; Grand Wailea.

Aloha @ evolved08gsr.


It looks like a really fun place! :)