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Sennheiser's new Momentum headphones are improved, but still pricey

"Sennheiser has been fine-tuning its Momentum Wireless headphones for a few years now, and at IFA 2019, the company is unveiling a third-generation model. While the overall design is mostly the same, the company added a host of new features to bring t..."


Seagate's latest portable SSDs are wrapped in fabric and camo

" How do you spice up an external drive when it's difficult to stand out based on specs alone? Make them look right at home clipped to your backpack. Seagate has introduced a line of One Touch SSDs covered in either fabric (if you prefer plain black..."


Roland's pioneering MC groovebox line is back

" While, what we've come to call "grooveboxes" have been around for some time, it was Roland that first used the term and really pioneered these sort of all-in-one music production boxes. But, the company quietly let its MC line of loop-based musical i..."


Roland’s JU-06A stuffs iconic '80s sounds in a tiny portable synth

" There are a few instruments that really defined the sound of the 80s: The Yamaha DX7 and the gated snare chief among them. But just as important was Roland's Juno line of analog synths. They were (at the time) reasonably priced polyphonic synths that..."


Phillips unveils new Hue Smart button and upgraded Go lamp at IFA

" Phillips has announced new additions to its lineup of Hue smart lighting products today at the IFA tech show. The new entries include an upgraded Hue Go with Bluetooth capability, a Smart Button that users can place anywhere to turn their lights on a..."


Michael Kors' new smartwatches include its lightest one yet

"Michael Kors has introduced the second versions of its Lexington and Bradshaw smartwatches, as well as a brand new model designed to be its lightest smartwatch yet. The Michael Kors Access Lexington 2 and Bradshaw 2 run on Google's Wear OS platform a..."


Cult classic 'Moon: Remix RPG Adventure' is coming to Nintendo Switch

" The cult classic Moon, a PS1 game fans are calling an "anti-RPG," will finally be available in English for the first time. Indie studio Onion Games has revealed that it's working on a re-release of the title for the Nintendo Switch. While the"


「Apple 丸の内」が報道公開、東京駅前に出現する開放空間

" Apple Japanは、9月7日にオープン予定の新店舗「Apple 丸の内」を報道向けに公開しました。 Apple 丸の内は東京駅丸の内駅舎からもほど近い三菱ビルヂング(東京都千代田区丸の内二丁目)の1階・2階に入居。日本でも有数の好立地にも関わらず、国内のApple Storeの中で最大級のフロア面積を誇る旗艦店舗です。外観は世界のアップルストアの中でも初めてという「ヴィトリン(Vitrine)スタイル」を採用。1階から2階までをつらぬく高いガラスで囲い、店全体がショーウインドウのようなデザインに。そしてデ…"


Nintendo promises to release more 'Smash Bros. Ultimate' fighters

" Nintendo owes Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighters Pass buyers just one more character after releasing Fatal Fury's Terry Bogard in November. But that doesn't mean the lineup will stop growing once all five characters are available. The gaming giant has ann..."


iPhone SE2(仮)、2020年春発売? 4.7インチ画面でTouch ID採用のうわさ(日経報道)

" アップルが価格を抑えて最新機種よりも画面を小さくしたiPhoneの新製品、いわゆるiPhone SE2(仮)を2020年春にも発売するとの噂が報じられています。日経こと日本経済新聞の報道によれば、最新機種の画面サイズはiPhone 8と同じ4.7インチ。OLED(有機EL)ではなくLCDパネルを使うことで価格を安く抑えるとのこと。そのほか多くの部品は上位機種とほぼ同じものを使い、価格は未定ながらサムスンのGalaxy A30やGoogleのPixel 3a(399ドル=約4万2000円)に対抗する狙いと伝えられて…"


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