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The Ultimate funding solution for open source projects has initiated a crowdfunding campaign for Utopian colony (formerly Utopian v2) a collaboration and collective financing platform for open source innovations on Indiegogo. This campaign is to help release an early version of Utopian colony by Q2-2019.

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The project is integrated with the Steem blockchain and it uses Steem’s built-in voting algorithm to reward open source contributors with steem cryptocurrency. So far the project has inspired a number of elites from different fields that have provided innovatory services to open source projects. Over and above, Utopian has supported over 5,000 contributors who have made over 70,000 contributions to over 9,000 open source repositories and I believe the best is yet to come.

Along the way, there has been a growing realization of the need to create a collaborative platform for everybody. Apparently, with the Utopian v1, only the developers have ways to connect and team up on open source projects but non-developers such as entrepreneurs,
writers, graphic designers, translators and others have no network to the open source ecosystem. Accordingly, is geared towards releasing a preliminary version of Utopian colony by Q2-2019 and it needs your support.

How can you support the Utopian colony campaign ?

There are two ways to support this amazing innovation.

  1. Donating to the Utopian Indiegogo campaign.
    Supporting this campaign is really incredible, primarily, it has worthwhile perks for individuals and project contributors. They have designed unique badges i.e thinker, dreamer and visionary badges to show off the contributors reputation as an open source fanatic and these are specifically designed for the early supporters. On top of that, there are exceptional promotional opportunities for example project spotlight and early access on the Utopian colony home page. The funds acquired will be used to cover the remaining development expenses and to hasten the public release. Feel free to check out more details and also make your contribution from the campaign page.

  2. Spread the word.
    You can tell all your family and friends on social media who love contributing to open-source systems about this campaign. If you are on steemit, check out the latest @oracle-d blog and receive an incentive (steem) for getting the word out on your social media pages.

Special Utopian colony features.

Personalized project page, blog and collaborator chat.

Incentivized knowledge sharing.
Utopian colony will attract new contributors by providing the essential tools for tipping the contributor community.

Integrated Quality assurance.
All contributions to Utopian are scrutinized by professionals to ensure that only excellent contributions get the Utopian seal of approval before teaming up on a project.

Open source bounty exchange.
The bounty exchange will support various currencies so it will act as a freelance platform for the contributors. It will also give an opportunity for projects to find the best candidate for a particular task.

What's more

There is an excellent chance for the community to learn more about open source systems from the world's first online Hackathon (uHack). This Hackathon is bringing together digital professionals from all parts of the world and on top of that contributors will be rewarded.

If you are really anticipating a great change in the open -source universe, then this is the perfect project for you to plough money into. Kindly make your contributions here

“It is every man’s obligation to put back into the world at least the equivalent of what he takes out of it.” ―Albert Einstein.

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Thank you for reading.

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Thanks Ben.

Utopian is now live on Indiegogo

Thanks for supporting the development of Utopian Colony on Indiegogo!