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RE: cXc Music - Getting Your Music Recognized & Earning Cool Money Too(Media DApp Review)

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Hi menoski,

Thank you for your contribution. The post is chock full of useful information about the CXC platform. The project is lovely. I have seen different Dapps on the blockchain doing a similar thing, but I think the concept of CXC platform is unique. I am excited because the project was built on the Steem network. I had to check again to be sure. It’s good that this kind of project is springing out of the Steem BC.

I appreciate the effort put in writing. However, the post had severe grammar, style, and proofreading issues. There are wordy sentences that are very hard to read. Also, your texts look choked up. I recommend that you be consistent in spacing between paragraphs. If you wish, I would be glad to cite examples in a follow-up comment.

Thank you!

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Thank you for your review, @tykee! Keep up the good work!

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