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The following suggestion relates to a new way to view news about SteemHunt on the SteemHunt site, currently, the SteemHunt updates are delivered by posting on sites such as Steemit or Busy, this suggestion would bring the updates to the SteemHunt site rather than users needing to use third-party sites to keep up to date.

For those unfamilar with SteemHunt, you can access their site using the link below:



This would involve a new view being added to the right panel of SteemHunt that contains the updates that were provided by SteemHunt team, along with this there should be a new menu option to access the page and with a notification indicator to indicate how many new features/updates are available to the user at a given time.

Proposal Description

I propose that the following is added SteemHunt.com

  1. A new page that would allow a user to view a list of updates that have occurred relevant to SteemHunt, upon clicking on any of the updates they would be populated on left hand side of the panel so a user can view the full update.
  2. A menu option to allow navigation to this page.
  3. A new item count shown in the menu.

1. A new page that would allow a user to view a list of updates that have occurred relevant to SteemHunt.

This page would provide a user with a full overview of all the news relevant to SteemHunt, this page would have two clear sections. This will be referenced as the right side and the left side as per their currently layout.

On the right-hand side of the page, there should be a list view of all of the recent updates from SteemHunt, it should display a title and the partial body. Upon clicking on an update the left-hand side of the page should be populated with the full news update. This can be seen in Image A.

There are different methods which updates could be issued, firstly this could be stored in the SteemHunt database and from their they could be pulled via an API and shown within the page mentioned above, alternatively the post itself could still be posted to the Steem blockchain, the post would still be votable, resteemable and receive all of the same benefits of the Steem whilst being displayed on the SteemHunt site. In this scenario, the post should still display comments and number of votes on the site below the post.

As SteemHunt currently pull all their posts from their database rather than the Steem blockchain directly, I believe either method would require

2. A menu option to allow navigation to this page.

A menu option should be added to the current menu system which allows a user to news page which is shown in Image A. This option should be added here to keep in line with current the current UI design. This option could be called "What's new"

3. A new item count is shown in the menu

In order to aid the user experience, a notification next to the menu should be provided in order to provide an indication that there is something new to find out about SteemHunt. This should be a simple count of the items which the user has not read previously.

In order to implement this feature SteemHunt will need to log a status as to whether or not a user has viewed a particular post or not, this could be set on post load and based on the total number of unread items a notification would be shown next to the menu option. A mock up of this feature is shown in Image B.

Mockups / Examples

The following are mock-ups of the features mentioned within this contribution, these mocks ups are referened throughout the proposal description section.

Image A - What's new page


Image B - Menu option with what's new indicator



As SteemHunt can be used independently of Steemit or other blogging platforms, I believe that updates should be able to be viewed directly on the SteemHunt site. As new users begin to be on-boarded outside of Steemit and by SteemHunt directly they won't access platforms such as Steemit to view blog posts and updates published by SteemHunt. This means that a fountain of knowledge is not accessibly by the a portion of SteemHunt users.

The following helps to explain how I believe each feature mentioned above will benefit the project:

1. A new page that would allow a user to view a list of updates that have occurred relevant to SteemHunt.

The benefit I believe this will provide is that it will allow users to quickly view news related to SteemHunt without needing to view it on Discord or Steemit. Although these currently work they require the user to be on-boarded to the platform and although this is fine with the established Steem users, there is no need to introduce further barriers to entry in requiring users to learn these platforms. This will become more important following SteemHunt being able to onboard users outside of Steemit.

2. A menu option to allow navigation to the this page.

The benefit this will provide is nested in creating a common user experience, making use of the current navigation option allows a consistent UX to be created.

3. A new item count shown in the menu

The new item count will help drive engagement to the page, this will allow a user to easily find out there is something new to view, something they should investigate. This will help keep users up to date with what's new.

GitHub Issue Link

The following link can be used to the related GitHub issue:


GitHub Account

My GitHub account can be found below:


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