My Badge Designs for the Crowdfunding Campaign on Indiegogo - Task Request

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-This is my design contribution to the Task Request by the Utopian.tasks which requests for badge designs to be used in a planned crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo with the goal of completing and releasing a public beta of Utopian Colony. These badges will serve as a fun way of showing your reputation as a Utopian contributor and display achievements earned through activities on the platform. I really missed contributing to this kind of task requests as I've been away from the platform for some time. And because of that, I really enjoyed doing my design badges and i am very excited to post and show it to you so.. here it is! My badge designs for the crowdfunding campaign which is Indiegogo! :)

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  • Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop

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Hey @tobaloidee ,

Thank you for the contribution, I liked your badge designs. Concepts, color palette and typefaces looks good and in harmony.

In my opinion, if your reduce the details it can be better. Some of the elements are not visible in small sizes.


However, all badge designs looks good and I appreciated your effort!

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Thanks for your review @baranpirincal , I am wondering what will happen to my it going to be upvoted? it's the 8th day of it already today and it is not queued in .rocks for upvote...I am thinking of reposting this again after I reduce that details as you suggested for it to be reviewed again within the 7 day timeframe?

Great job, well done!


Thanks Bro, it's been a while :)