LOGO WANTED: a graphics task request for the open-source project The Amanuensis: Automated Songwriting and Recording

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The Amanuensis is an automated songwriting and recording system aimed at ridding the process of anything left-brained, so one need never leave a creative, spontaneous and improvisational state of mind, from the inception of the song until its final master. The program will construct a cohesive song structure, using the best of what you give it, looping around you and growing in real-time as you play. All you have to do is jam and fully written songs will flow out behind you wherever you go.

If you want to try it out, please get a hold of me! Playtesters wanted!


I'm looking for a designer to create a logo for my open-source project The Amanuensis. I write code (and music), but graphics aren't my strong suit. That being said, I'm pretty open to what it could look like. As long as it looks cool and enhances that overall professional appeal of the project, I'm sure I'll be happy!

I can give you a few suggestions to get started however:

  • the words present in the logo should be, "The Amanuesis"
  • a second version should also include the words, "Automated Songwriting and Recording"
  • the word "The" should be in small font, perhaps tucked above the "Am" of Amanuensis
  • the word "Amanuensis" should be a large bold font, perhaps something futuristc or robotic-looking
  • on the second version, the words "Automated Songwriting and Recording" should also be in a small font, directly below "Amanuensis", perhaps exactly as wide as that larger word and butting up next to it
  • the general color scheme of the software can be seen in the screenshot below. It's basically "monochrome", but rather than white it uses a beige color (RGB values of 239 243 185). Everything else is actually black, not gray, with varying levels of opacity. Perhaps the logo could stick to this scheme; if it also utilized many varying levels of black opacity, I imagine it could look real nice.

All of the above are just suggestions; if you have other ideas, let me hear them! Another option that I think would be real cool would be some free-form hand drawing or the like. I'm always interested in collaboration with artists of any kind! Just a thought, not a requirement.


I'm thinking 2 files should be produced: a large one that is more of a banner and fits perfectly across the width of a Steemit post and a small one that can fit roughly within the red box in the following screenshot (let's say dimensions 100 x 30)

The small one can be the one that doesn't include the words, "Automated Songwriting and Recording".

Any standard file format should be fine.

On a side note, I could also use someone with video editing skills to put together some demo videos of the project in action! Let me know if this interests you as well.


We can discuss how long it may take to complete, but I think right now 2 weeks would be adequate from the time the task is accepted.


Reply to this post or contact me through Github for more details. I can also be found on discord @to_the_sun or you can message me at soundcloud.com/to_the_sun.

Proof of Work Done


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This task request is now open for contributions.

Information for contributors:

  • Only post your design into comments. Only if your work is chosen by project owner or moderator, you may create official full contribution post. Please include link to all source files to your comment.
  • Every contributor is advised to contact @to_the_sun on Discord to get feedback on your work.
  • The deadline to post to comments is from November 5th 00:00 UTC to November 18th 23:59:59 UTC.
  • Utopian may support the contributor whose design was chosen by the project owner (only one post might be rewarded for this TR)

Information for the requester:

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November 5th 00:00 UTC to October 18th ???


woopsy, thanks for correction


Thank you for your review, @andrejcibik! Keep up the good work!


@andrejcibik, @midun, @utopian-io, after much deliberation I have decided to go with @camiloferrua's design. We've discussed some finishing touches which he is putting on it now. Thanks to all of you!


Hi. Good luck with your project, :) ... Congratz Camiloferrua.

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These are all so good! I'll need some time to deliberate over this...


Thank you :)

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Hello @to-the-sun this is my logo proposal for your project, I hope you like it.








@camillofarrua Wow these are great! I'm honored! Do you think you could contact me on Discord? There's some details I want to discuss.


Hey! hello, of course. I will do it.


Great job. Please make full contribution post.


Thanks! I will do it!

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