Yet more Steemit Defense League Accounts redeemed

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What is the Steemit Defense League?

Steemit Defense League is the creation of @camillesteemer after being flagged for spam and plagiarism. He decided to create accounts abusing Steemit Inc sign up delegation to flag anyone who flagged him. Over time the flags started to target anyone who supported those who flagged him and eventually just randomly targeting anyone and everyone.

While the flags are meaningless at only 1/10th of a cent, they have confused, frustrated, and disheartened a lot of Steemians.

Recently @camillesteemer started to target specific accounts with their username and branding to make users feel they were being flagged by them adding to the confusion. Latest attempts have used sexually suggestive user profiles to flag people.

The Steemit Defense League consists of 161 known accounts used to maliciously flag individuals causing as much chaos as possible with zero invested stake. They do this by abusing the Steemit Inc faucet (sign up process) which gives 15 Steem Power delegation to new accounts.

Removing Delegation

This is yet another attempt to stop @camillesteemer from rage flagging and stealing money from innocent people. Since he doesn't post or comment, the only action I can take to disrupt this troll is to remove the free delegation given to his hundreds of accounts farmed through the Steemit Inc sign-up delegation process.

While 15 SP isn't a lot, across hundreds of accounts it starts to add up, and there are much better users who deserve the Steem Power than a troll who continuously attacks users and the blockchain.

Delegation Removal Process

  • Identify and confirm Steemit Defense League accounts
  • Update database
  • Submit Pull Request to Redeemer-Irredeamables project
  • Await approval
  • Rinse and Repeat

I am hoping the new changes with HF20 will make it more difficult for @camillesteemer to abuse Steem(it) and either quit or require him to spend his own money to continue this nonsense.

Github Repository

Merged Pull Request

If you review the Redeemer-Irredeamables project, you will see I am primarily the only contributor to it. If you find abuse that is using Steemit Inc faucet delegation, please contact me and I will assist in getting it removed. While the delegation is tiny, it empowers bad actors to escalate to even more malicious acts. We have seen that with Steemit Defense League as they have shifted gears from flagging random users to running fraudulent bid bots and resteem services to steal Steem from unsuspecting users.

This current update consisted of 16 accounts, bringing the grand total to 175 free accounts financed by the sign-up process.

Witness Support

Most of what I work on is related to reducing spam, abuse, and fraud on the blockchain. I also spend a lot of time educating and protecting users from scams. I do this without any Steemit Inc free delegation, support, or sponsorship. While my witness pay isn't enough to support the amount of effort I put into this, it helps and the show of support is motivating.

If you want to see Steem grow and succeed, it is critical we focus rewards on users who put the effort in and deserve it and minimize the rewards going to bad actors. This is a huge undertaking and will never be 100% successful. Your support means a lot to me, and I do my best to make Steem a better place.


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I appreciate all you do for this blockchain, MarkyMark! Even more, I’m a fan of the humor you bring. Perhaps that’s not as evident here, make me laugh with surprising regularity. 😉

Just started getting downvoted from @camillesteemer . For no reason from what I can tell. He must be a kid. He's also building up his account with hundreds of payments from hundreds of accounts over the past month at least.


His downvotes are as pointless as he is.

Just ignore them, they don't do anything.
I'm about to submit a big list of new accounts he has.

Thanks for helping clean up the platform. There's 11 more days till HF20, spammers going to spam but abuse fighters can adapt.

...his hundreds of accounts farmed through the Steemit Inc sign-up delegation process.

See to what lengths people will go to do these ridiculous things like random flagging... unbelievable.

I really appreciate you doing all of this @themarkymark, and I never before realized how much effort you put into keeping the blockchain somewhat clean. I think most of us are familiar with the more spectacular actions, like the nutella meme and blacklisting trevon, but there's a lot more going on behind the scenes; there's quite some time and steps before you come to "rince and repeat"...

Thanks for explaining some of it; my appreciation and admiration for your work has just grown even bigger :-)

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Thank you for all your good work! It’s crazy how one person could have so many accounts!

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Following upvote resteem done

hey @themarkymark , i was wondering if you were still on the defense force and you obviously are, there's something you might already be aware of but just in case :

it sends in multiple languages too, leads to a site that shows a steemconnect box but the url is not steemconnect its been downed already to invisible i see , maybe you can spread some awareness just in case, if people actually filled in the password there they might wanna change it and fast

you have a lot more reach than i do , so ... fyi

I just saw the "camillesteemer" account that made this whole mess, and I just have to say it is hilarious that they use the Anonymous quote and pictures all over their blog. What a fuckin' idiot. Are we sure this isn't some 13 year old wanna be hacker?

I'd guess that, sadly, the person is probably older since most younger people don't know about Anon. It is really pathetic how much time and money do they have to dump into something that is never going to work?

I've also always wondered why people don't make accounts with similar names to legit bots to get money from those who mistype the name. Messed up, but catch this all as soon as you can! Doin God's work out there.

Flagging is a serious thing that should only be used in case of abuse, so is this what was behind thevswarm of flag bots. I agree they barely were mosquitoes but damn it stang. I agree itvcoukd be discouraging

Camillesteemer is back at it today. Might be time for the repeat part of rinse and repeat.

He now makes new accounts every day in tag introduce yourself (photo plus korean text or previous chi text = fake language) and gets 15 cent there (partiko and steemitboard do this) which he uses to finance his mian account. Flag these please …