Steem seed node monitor v1.0

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seednodemonitor is a nodejs utility to monitor Steem seed nodes and alert via Pushover when they are offline.

Witnesses are suggested to run a seed node to help stabilize the network, they are unable to be tested in a browser and must be tested via netcat. seednodemonitor is a netcat implementation in nodejs with push notification baked in.


  • customizable checking frequency
  • push notifications on iOS, Android, and Desktop via Pushover
  • Optionally repeat alerts until acknowledged (emergency priority)
  • parameters can be set in the configuration file, command line, or env variables (pushover api and userid only)


  • NodeJS
  • Pushover


  • nodejs LTS or higher
  • pushover license (highly recommended)
  • a seed node to monitor


Pushover is my favorite tool for notifying from devices and services. I use it for my 3D printer, I use it for Machine Learning, I use it to monitor Steem activity. Unfortunately, it is not a free product, but it is very reasonably priced at $5 one-time fee per platform (iOS, Android, Desktop).

I am not going to pitch Pushover, but I will say it is by far my favorite notification system with tons of customization and support for custom integration. It can also do lock screen widgets on mobile devices and cross-device notification. The $5 one-time fee gets you near unlimited notifications (7,500 per app per month, which you can create as many apps as you want).

Pushover is optional, but without it, there is no other notification "in the box" at this time. I may add email and other notification options if there is a demand.


  • git clone the repo
  • cd folder
  • npm install
  • copy config.json-example to config.json
  • edit config.json
  • node seednodemonitor.js

It is recommended to install process manager 2 (pm2 module) to run, watchdog, and start the script on boot up.

Process Manager 2

Process manager 2 is really easy to use, but I will explain it briefly.

  • npm install -g pm2
  • pm2 start seednodemonitor.js (optional --name parameter)
  • pm2 save

If you run multiple seednodemonitor instances I recommend using --name to differentiate which is which. pm2 save will save your script state so they are started in the same state on system boot. pm2 ls and pm2 monitor will allow you to see what is running and finally pm2 logs will show the logs.

Lock screen notification


Custom Categorized Alerts


Emergency Forced Acknowledgement Alerts



Anyone is welcome to use the source as they feel, it is MIT licensed. If you want to contribute, you can submit a pull request via the repository.

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I never heard about pushover before, but currently I'm using Steemify for Steemit notifications and result is pretty good.
And I'm getting every notifications related to Steemit activities, Steemify was recently launched by @blocktrades and @blockbrothers. I think think this is also one of the best tool for Steemit notifications..
Screenshot_2018-07-19-08-58-10.png Screenshot_2018-07-19-09-06-47.png.
Thanks for sharing information about pushover..
I will definitely use pushover in future..

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very good content ! of course I don't know much because I'm new to this!

I had voted three witnesses several weeks ago, I was going to add someone last night and it said I have thirty votes. The votes I voted aren't there. I tried voting again but the vote button just kept spinning in a endless circle. I noticed they removed JB as a witness, would that have had anything to do with all my votes disappearing?


No, it just acts up sometimes. Try logging out and going back in. Hitting refresh and try again.


Sometimes or all the time. I did what you instructed, twice. Then I signed off, closed the browser window, opened another, went to witness page, same thing.


When a witness account on the Steemit witnesses page shows as disabled, it means they've elected to be disabled.

I noticed they removed JB as a witness


Okay thank you. I haven't tried electing any more witnesses, maybe I'll try in a few days and see if it works right.


Just to be clear, by "elected" I mean chosen. Jerry Banfield chose to disable his witness signing key, and thus his witness node's scheduling for Steem blocks.

bro you are fully prepared and working on this platfrom from long , because looking at your preparation i can see you have lot of option

Very cool, but I do everything in my power to reduce the amount of notifications I get on my phone. lol


This is for witnesses that need to know when servers go down.

I think, the push notification service can be accessed by making a telegram bot.
E.g. there is a telegram bot already available for EOS blockchain testnet nodes.

Bot url -

EOS Jungle Node monitor notifier -

Features -

  1. One can subscribe to any no. of nodes.
  2. A notification would come when that server is down.

It's very user-friendly for EOS devs.


I prefer Pushover, I feel it is superior for notifications.