Swapsteem - Introducing SweetBot - Discord Bot for querying Steem-Engine Tokens Data

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What is SweetBot

SweetBot is a discord bot that communicates with the Steem-Engine side chain and displays sidechain data when requested with specific commands.


The SweetBot is built with Node JS and uses Discord.js and SSCjs npm libraries behind the scenes.


To query the steem-engine sidechain you can use the following commands :

  • !price [symbol] - Displays last price of the specified Token in STEEMP.
  • !tbal [steem user] [symbol] - Displays user's specific SE token balance.
  • !tbals [steem user] - Displays user's all SE token balances.
  • !buybook [symbol] - Displays top 3 Buy Orders for a token.
  • !sellbook [symbol] - Displays top 3 Sell orders for a token.

What's Next on SweetBot

  • Subscription to real time notifications for Steem-Engine transactions on discord
  • Instant and Secure STEEMP-Token and Token-Token Swaps via Smart Contract.

How to Invite the bot to your own server

You can invite the SweetBot to your own server with an Invite Link.

Please get in touch with with @swapsteem on our discord server for Invites and listing related queries.

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This is a fantastic creation, and I appreciate the effort.

However, this post is too brief. I would have loved to read more details, with some visuals about the bot. Anyway, the post served its purpose, but I’d appreciate, if you could provide more details in your future publications.

Thank you!

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Thank you for your review, @tykee! Keep up the good work!

Well done. Pity about the spammy link.

Thank you @apshamilton, Apologies for the trouble due to the accidental spam link. We have resolved the issue.

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I keep seeing posts about swapsteem bit I can't get it's aim

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@chrisbarth, Please read the posts by @swapsteem for information about the project. Basically swapsteem is a P2P exchange for steem blockchain. Here is the link to our beta - https://swapsteem.com

thanks for your work

I’ll have to add this to the Token Town server .

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We will share the Invite to bot with the community after beta testing it for one more day!

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Hey there! Awesome adding some integration with discord, I just wanted to know is this correct. I got a message from the bot with a spammy link

Screenshot 2019-05-04 at 15.56.26.png

Hey, Sorry about that. It happened due to a silly mistake of mine. I have fixed it but couldn't undo DMs and notifications already sent.

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What is this all about and how can I contribute in it?

@akdx This is a discord bot that allows People to communicate with the steem engine sidechain and retrieve specific data from it.
It is developed by @swapsteem and you can support the project via delegation or buying and hodling our native token SWEET.

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It seems very interesting. Thanks for this information. How can I buy SWEET?

You can trade SWEET and do more stuff with steem-engine tokens at https://steem-engine.com

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So what happens @swapsteem when I hold SWEET Tokens !? do I get upvotes for holding them or more SWEET tokens or do we just hold them and wait for them go up in value!? I dont understand. I have been holding 101 Sweet for a while now and have upvoted and resteemed plus commented on most of your posts and have not recieved any more SWEET Tokens so im just curious on exactly how it works. thanks !🙋👍

Hi @swapsteem!

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🙋👍 Looking forward to whats next on SweetBot , especially "Instant and Secure STEEMP-Token and Token-Token Swaps via Smart Contract." These are very exciting times for sure on the Steem Platform, keep up the great work @swapsteem !
Upped and resteemed!