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Following this post from @flauwy, I've been tasked to start the creation of the new 1UP.
As a reminder, @utopian-1UP was an Utopian bot front-runner in which members of the community would decide which are the best posts to vote for. the @utopian-1up would then vote for the best post every 2.4 hours, followed by hundreds of curators in the trail.

Seeking to go further and open it to communities, the new 1UP will be dynamic, open to all communities and entirely customizable.

The old design, made by the brilliant @andrejcibik will be used throughout the developement but will probably need some adaptation at the end.

Here is what has been done in this first iteration:

Huge code cleanup

Lots of the old code will be useless in this new version and had to be removed. It was centered around @utopian-io activity although the new version needs to be customizable by any community.

Transformation of the landing page

Instead of featuring @utopian-io's post, the landing page will now display the list of communities registered into 1UP. Future developements will include making these posts clickable to link to the corresponding community posts.
This required to rethink the structure of the database, and the result is looking quite nice, don't you think?

Community creation page

Any user logged in via SteemConnect (past developement), will now see a new "Create community" button that links him to the community creation page:

So far, the developement included the creation of the page layout, the dynamic relations of its inputs, the fields verification and the community object creation.

Future developements will include linking the trail account to the community and creating the community in the database.

Pull Request

Community Creation and Landing page

GitHub Account


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Thank you for your review, @codingdefined!

So far this week you've reviewed 1 contributions. Keep up the good work!

Hey @stoodkev,

I really like the idea that @flauwy has with this and wish you all the best!
Regarding your PR on github I made you a couple of comments. Mostly because of code formatting, you are using all the time different styles for strings: "" vs ''. You should stick to one version in the whole project, (pref: ''). It also looks like your code is always different indented, sometimes 2, 4 or more spaces. You should also be consitent about this and javascript uses 2 spaces a indentation level. There are code formatters out there, I was linking you Prettier already in your PR. It makes the code more readable and maintainable.

I was trying to always give you an example on how to improve or giving you a reference to a documentation.



Hey @fel1xw
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Thanks for the time you took to review the code.
I've been told many times about the formatting but I guess I just don't like constraints ^^
Joke aside I usually beautify it when reaching a milestone rather than for every single update when I'm the only one working on a project.
I guess I really need to work on forcing myself to follow the best practices =p

EDIT : Might need more work (I didnt refractor the cloud as most of it will be discarded) but it looks better already : Beautify & Refractor code

Happy to implement any changes required.

Hey @stoodkev
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I feel like this and it will be right

very good posts. keep on being big brother

Getting stronger than before... :)