Translating CoderDojo Zen Community Platform into Urdu Language - Part # 26

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It's a shame that due to abusers, honest translators are affected. To be honest, 500 words used to take around 2 hours to prepare but now we are required to put 4 hours for the same potential rewards.

I don't know if I'll continue doing translation or not because I can't spend my whole day on translation. 1,500 words a day was a tough task already. Now if I want to post 2 contributions in translations category, I'd need to work for 8 hours??!! I think I'll just go slowly with translation now.

The great thing is that, machine translators are not affected even a bit. They had to work 10 minutes on 500 words earlier, now they'll need to work 20 minutes to have the same effect. We (human translators) are affected by the 1,000 words rule.

CoderDojo Zen Community Project

CoderDojo is a true global movement and phenomenon. Volunteers all around the world help young people build a positive future through coding and community.

Links related to the translation

Github: Zen Community Platform
My Crowdin Profile: Steemist
My Crowdin Activity: My Activity
Crowdin Project: Zen Community Platform

Source Language


Translated Language

Urdu (Pakistan). 1901 words are yet to be translated for 100% completion.

Number Of Words

Number of words translated on this contribution: 1,001

(Before this contribution, the total of this file was at 8,434. After this translation report, the total is at 9,435 as shown in the screenshots. Total progress was at 81% and now it is at 88% (can be checked from project's page on Crowdin)

Previous translation on the same project

Part 1 - Overall Progress 3%
Part 2 - Overall Progress 6%
Part 3 - Overall Progress 9%
Part 4 - Overall Progress 13%
Part 5 - Overall Progress 16%
Part 6 - Overall Progress 20%
Part 7 - Overall Progress 23%
Part 8 - Overall Progress 26%
Part 9 - Overall Progress 29%
Part 10 - Overall Progress 32%
Part 11 - Overall Progress 36%
Part 12 - Overall Progress 39%
Part 13 - Overall Progress 43%
Part 14 - Overall Progress 46%
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Part 16 - Overall Progress 52%
Part 17 - Overall Progress 56%
Part 18 - Overall Progress 59%
Part 19 - Overall Progress 62%
Part 20 - Overall Progress 65%
Part 21 - Overall Progress 68%
Part 22 - Overall Progress 72%
Part 23 - Overall Progress 75%
Part 24 - Overall Progress 78%
Part 25 - Overall Progress 81%

Number of words translated on the project before this report: 14,017

NOTE: I translated these words 6 days ago. So they are not 7 days old and comply 100% with current rules.

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