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You can now add beneficiaries to your posts directly on Steemit. This will be adapted to Busy once the new version is live. For information, here is the Commit.

So basically, all you have to do is installing or updating your version of SteemPlus, make sure you have the v1.7 and you are good to post!

Let's say you want to post an article about how awesome it was to meet other Steemians at the SteemFest and you want to let them share part of the reward, it has never been easier!

As usual, click on Post : image.png

Write your article as you would normally do, include the title, body and tags.
Once you're done, instead of click Post, click on "Add Beneficiaries" under the Preview zone:


You can add as many beneficiaries as you want as long as the total percentage doesn't exceed 95%.
Your share of your own post will be 100% minus total percentage of other beneficiaries minus a small 5% share for SteemPlus.

My plan was to use SteemConnect hot sign to post without having to ask for the Private Key. Sadly, the hot sign does not include simultaneous posting and beneficiaries handling for now, so we will have to wait. I will push a request on Utopian so that hopefully we can use this mean soon enough!
For now, your private key is stored on your device and is never in my possession. You can check the code on Github and install the extension in developer mode for safety reasons.

One last thing, whatever your choice regarding your own reward (100% SP or 50/50 SP/SBD), all other beneficiaries will receive their part as Steem Power only.

Also I have updated the old features (see below: Feed+, Delegation, Voting slide for Minnows, fast switch between busy/steemit/steemd) to let them work with the new Steemit UI.

Older features (Steemit+Busy) and Installation methods


This is what my wallet looks like now (yea, i'm poor don't hesitate to delegate me some SP ^^).


Upon clicking, a popup will appear, looking very similar to the Transfer Window:


From there, very straightforward, enter the two usernames and the SP you want to delegate. You will be redirected to Steemconnect in which you will have to input your credentials in order to confirm the delegation.


Just accept and you're done.

A few notes

  • I never access your private active key. I play no role on Steemconnect, and you private key is safe there.
  • In order to undelegate, repeat the same process and delegate 0 SP.
  • After undelegating, your SP will be in cool down for a week.
  • Obviously you cannot delegate SP being powered down.
  • I'm waiting for the new version of Busy to be live to implement the function as well.


You can now directly switch between a Steemit page and its mirror on Busy thanks to a keyboard shortcut. On Opera and Firefox, the default shortcut (Shift+Alt+E) applies, but in Chrome you will need to set it up.

For Chrome users, navigate to your extension page, and on the bottom of the page, click "Keyboard Shortcuts", then you can chose your own shortcut for witching between Steemit and Busy.


Same feature with Steemd.
The default keyboard is (Shift+Alt+D) and it also works both ways.

New Feed+ features

As previously announced, you can now chose how many posts from your feed are taken into consideration by the feed+ algorithm.
You can also decide to hide the posts you have already voted for.



The new feed+ tab lets you filter (by tag/resteem/reputation) and sort the posts (time/payout/votes) from you feed.

As you can see, once the extension updated/installed, a new feed+ tab is added directly to your Steemit usual page. After clicking the 'feed+' tab, a loading page will appear and start loading the 300 previous posts from your feed. If you have a decent connection and the node is stable, it should take 10-15 seconds. All the subsequent filtering and sorting operation are realized nearly instantly. I will make the number of posts loaded a parameter in the future, so that you can change it in function of your patience and the number of posts you want to see.

Anyways after these few seconds, this is what you get:

As you can see, I did my best to respect Steemit's style for displaying the posts and a new menu appeared on the right side of your feed. Let's check it out:

Sort By

Once the posts loaded, you can sort them nearly instantly thanks to this option.

In the previous screenshot, the posts were sorted by Payout (the biggest pending payout first); but you can also sort by number of upvotes, or chose to see the most recent/old first.


Filter by Tag

Very straightforward but useful, here you can chose to see all posts regardless of their tag or chose to see only posts including at least one of the tags from your list. Tags need to be separated by a single space.
It doesn't need to be the main tag, just one of the five.

Filter the Resteems

Regarding the resteems, it works the same than in SteemPlus 1.2, you can either:

  • Show all Resteems
  • Hide all Resteems
  • Blacklist: Hide all resteems from the users in the list (separated by a single space). You can add directly users to the blacklist from the feed or their profile.
  • Whitelist: Hide all resteems except from the users in the list (separated by a single space). You can add/remove users to this list directly from their profile.


This is the house of the reputation filter, that does a great job at filtering low quality content!
Much more filters to come here in the coming weeks!

Still here to help the minnows chose their voting weight, the extension popup can be found in the right top of you browser, by clicking on the SteemPlus logo.

Enter your ID, Private Posting WIF and desired voting weight and you're good to go!

A word about safety : the private posting WIF is stored locally so I can't gain access to your account. However, never trust anyone in the Internet, disable automatic update or even better, install SteemPlus in developer mode from Github.

Anyways, once you are set, click on the time the post/comment you want to upvote was posted '... ago', it will change the url in top of your browser, then click Upvote.

You can also keep track of your Voting Power there.

More functionalities to come in this popup ;)

Future Work

  • Add 'Sort by Cheerleader/Idol' to Feed+ (Show the ones that upvoted you the most/ that you upvoted the most first).
  • Community filter (TBD)
  • Cheetah filter
  • Make SteemPlus work with Busy

How to install

On Chrome

If you're using Chrome, it's very straightforward, you just have to install SteemPlus from the Chrome Store here and enjoy!

On Opera

  • Add and install the Download Chrome Extension from the Opera add-ons gallery.
  • Select Add to Opera in here.
  • Accept the disclaimer.
  • You'll be shown the extension manager page, select Install in front of SteemPlus.
  • Enjoy!

On Firefox

  • Install Chrome Store Foxified.
  • Select Add to Firefox in here.
  • If you wish to install the add-on permanently, you need to login to and have your cookies enabled!

SteemPlus is opensource and available on Github here.



I encourage all of you to participate to the development of SteemPlus, either by your ideas or your technical help, depending on your background. For this, you can use the awesome platform, that rewards contribution to opensource projects.

As you probably know, Busy will soon get a new face, I am aware of it and SteemPlus will be ready to work on it when it come out.

Hope this helps!

I am working on SteemPlus on my free time because I think it can make Steemit/Busy better by adding some features. If you like my work, please upvote and resteem so that I can keep doing what I'm doing. Thank you ;)

Hope this helps!

I am working on SteemPlus on my free time because I think it can make Steemit/Busy better by adding some features. If you like my work, please upvote and resteem so that I can keep doing what I'm doing. Thank you ;)

Join us on Discord!

@stoodkev for @steem-plus

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