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Hi all,

Sorry if anyone out there is waiting for my next post or two. I've been pre-occupied with some client work and personal development for "crazy career games". Our development team has a new member and I'm now trying to get a particular game moving forward, which it is in haste!

I nearly have some of the 'Invader' flight patterns code ready, which allows me to write the next episode of that and turn it into a playable game with Waves.

I've also thought about a few other articles to write, that related to findings in the game we are currently constructing, such as different control mechanisms based on Keyboard, touch and virtual joysticks.

Finally, I was contacted by someone in Github over the use of my Link and Rope examples. They've got a few problems with an idea of theirs and I'm hoping to look into it, as it will probably make another good post.

So, overall, i'm incredibly busy! I desperately want to write more articles, but am not willing to do so until I have the time to put the quality into it. I hope to find some time this weekend to get the Invader Waves nailed and posted.

Kind regards



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Hi @Sp33dy

Just started to follow your blog. You have written some good posts.

Please keep posting. 😀

Many thanks, Kevin, but the time and effort to do so wasn't cost effective. I'll try to find some personal time to continue, but I need to balance that with other projects :(

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