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Whoop! We all know about SteemHunt. It is growing exponentially lately. Many newcomers also want to get their hands on to it but many of those people don't know how to get started. They also don't know how SteemHunt work properly because SteemHunt is different from other platforms. This post will walk you through all the concepts of SteemHunt and how you can grow there. Let's just jump right into it.

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What is SteemHunt?

Let's first learn about what SteemHunt is before going any further. The original concept was taken from a website known as "Product Hunt". It is a website where many users put their products and it is a win-win situation. People can find cool products there while makers can promote their product. Makers of SteemHunt found out how they can improve that system by rewarding users that find cool products and that can be easily done on Steemit. They have created one of the best front-ends of Steem and they also received 1 million delegation from @misterdelegation for their efforts.


Main concept of Steemhunt

The main concept of SteemHunt is that daily users will post cool products. Moderators will review the product and if it meets the requirements and follows the guidelines then it is accepted by them. The community will vote on your contribution if they like it. At the end of the day (midnight (KST)), the contributions are voted according to their ranking. The ranking is based on Hunt Score each product gets, I will explain later in the post how everyone contributes to rank the products. Every product get's around 0.70$ if it is approved by a moderator.

ABV (Account Based Voting)

SteemHunt has a very interesting way to determine the final score and give ranking to the community. Steemhunt follows ABV (Account Based Voting) instead of normal SBV (Stake Based Voting) that are present on other sites. In Stake Based Voting, the more stake (SP) each person has the more power each person will have. In the Account Based Voting, all account are equal no matter how much stake they have. This method was very much abused because people used to buy the votes or curation trailed products were always on top. This was then further improved by the addition of Diversity Score and some other features. On Steemhunt, reputation plays a major role. If you have 40 reputation then you have 1x which means you can vote 1 score if your diversity score is 1. Same way 50 is 2x and 60 is 3x. > DS ranges from minimum zero to 1. If the user only upvotes a small number of hunters, DS will decrease towards zero. On the other hand, DS will move up towards 1.0 if the user upvotes a variety of hunters. DS will also calculate the voter’s voting weights. So if the user upvotes many other hunters but uses a heavier voting weight only, for a small number of hunters, the score will be lower.

This DS will be multiplied to the hunter’s original voting weight. For example, if your Steem reputation score is 60, your voting weight on Steemhunt is x3. When you make a full vote on Steemhunt, your voting score will be 3. However, if your DS is calculated as 0.7 now, this will be multiplied by your voting score, so it will be 2.1 (3.0 x 0.7).

You can see the Steemhunt's efforts to minimize the abuse. They have also set some rules to reduce the abuse even further.

  • Only upvotes via Steemhunt are counted for the hunt score.
  • Steem reputation score is applied to reduce the upvoting impacts from alternative/fake accounts.
  • Self voting is not counted.
  • Whitelisting and blacklisting.
  • Diversity Score (DS) reduces the impact of group voters.


There are two main roles in the SteemHunt community that you should know about and I am going to talk about them one by one.


Moderators are necessary for every community. In SteemHunt, the job of a moderator is to ensure only new and cool products are rewarded. They also ensure that product listing follows all the best guidelines. On SteemHunt's discord server (link at the end), you can see room for each moderator. You can contact each moderator there. You can also apply to be a moderator in the Discord Server but for that, you must have a good record of hunts and reputation of 50. You should also not be blacklisted. At the time of writing this post, these are the moderators.

As you can see they have very well known moderators.


Even after many efforts of Steemhunt, there was still abuse and Steemhunt made a role known as an influencer. Influencer's power is x5 their original power. Meaning if their original power is 5 then it will become 25 if they become the influencer. The job of the influencer is to allow only cool products to reach top 10. They upvote the cool products allowing them to be rewarded even more and make it to the top of the ranking board. You can apply to become an influencer from the Discord Server, your request will be reviewed and you will be accepted if they need new influencers. Every week influencers change and only the best ones make it to the next week. Here's the current list of influencers.

You can see there are quite a lot of influencers ready to find cool products.

How to post a perfect hunt

Finding Perfect Product

First step to create a perfect hunt is to find the perfect product. My suggestion will be focusing on tech products as they tend to do well on SteemHunt. The perfect product is a product that have these things.

  • It is useful
  • You can easily find attention grabbing images of that product
  • We can easily buy/download/use that product
  • It is innovative and interesting
  • It's first of it's kind
  • People go like "That is so cool" when they see the product

I know it's hard to find a product meets all of these things but try to found a product that matches most of those things.

Creating Perfect Hunt

Creating perfect hunt is also very important to grab influencer's attention. The title should be then name of the product only. Description should be easy to read and understand so people can tell by just looking at the description what product is about. In hunters you should mention, what has product acheived, how many people are using it, what are the key features of that product, why should other use it. You should write the hunter comments by yourself and quote the parts that you copy paste. Add high quality images to gain attention of people.

Things prohibited in the community

There are always some things that people don't like in the community or you are not allowed to do some things or you will be banned. These are the things that you should not do in the community or else you will be banned.

  • Using more than one account
  • Promoting your posts
  • Irritating moderators or influencers
  • Doing vote for vote
  • Trying any other kind of abuse

Strategy To Reach Top 10

Here's some things that you should do to higher ranking.

  • Post at midnight KST

This will allow your post to be appeared when other posts are not present and this will drastically help you increase your hunt score.

  • Include high quality images

This will help you grab readers attention and for that this is also very important.

  • Post Cool Products

This is very important or else you won't make it to the top.

  • Upvote others post

You should upvote others post and some of them will next time upvote yours. This is ethical vote for vote. You should never ever ask a person to upvote your post.

  • Post Tech Product

Many people like Tech Products and this makes them perfect to list.

  • Comment on other post

Doing this will let other people know you exist and that you are active.

Hunt Tokens

Hunt Tokens are going to be ERC20 tokens, they are not ready for now but currently an airdrop is being held. There are going to be total of 500 million Hunt Tokens while 250 millions of them will be given away to the Steemian. You can earn Hunt Tokens by posting, voting, resteeming and some other activites. From the other half 100 million will be privately sold and remaining 150 million will be held by the company (SteemHunt).


Some Future Features

SteemHunt is looking forward to develop an automated monitoring algorithm that make sure there is no abuse and identifies abuse patterns. It will check link farming, strange kind of voting traffic, automated votings and unnatural client device movement (like no scroll navigation actions).

Some Useful Links

Discord Server

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