DTube needs to sort its content into popular tags/categories!

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What is DTube?

DTube is an innovation par excellence. So much so that I still can't begin to comprehend the thought process that must have gone through in arriving at this wonderful yet practical solution for the problem of sharing videos and getting them rewarded through steem blockchain. This innovation has made everyone's creative juices running for finding more use cases for the steem blockchain.

However, till date the content has not bee sorted as per popular tags like funny, tehnology, blockchain, etc.

Why are popular tags needed ?

Popular tags help in content discovery and lead to better user engagement. There are many other advantages of using popular tags namely:

  1. Improvement in content discovery
  2. Improvement in user engagement.
  3. Increase in DTube consumer base.
  4. Overall improvement in traffic to steem blockchain.
  5. Improvement in DTube content curation.

How DTube looks right now?


With inclusion of popular tags, DTube would look more lively. Here is the probable location of popular tags:


How youtube does it!



If these features are implemented in DTube, it can lead to improvements in the DTube appication and I hope such improvements are carried out at the earliest. These are low hanging fruits that needs attention quickly.

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