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RE: Learn Python Series - Intro

in #utopian-io7 months ago (edited)

Sorry, just noticed this comment of yours!;-)

It might be a good idea to first study my ~ 34 tutorial episodes (plus additional material), to get familiar with Python 3 in and by itself, before dabbling into blockchain interactions over a Python lib.

steem-python, last time I used it at least which is a while ago, indeed resulted in a number of errors while pip install'ing it, but have you tried beem instead?


Hi - thanks for getting back to me, I did think the comment might go missing on an old post so no worries.

I have just started out with python, and know I'm getting ahead of myself with blockchain interactions, but just wanted to dive into something different and see what happens. I'll give beem a go, it's nice just to hear that I'm not the only one whose had error messages!

Useful series btw.