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What makes us unique from all the other bots?


Well we are unique as we are not like nowadays upvote bot. We just not only upvote so you get value on your post but we also upvote your post with 40-45 ACCOUNTS and its increasing !


What is our vote worth?


With all of the accounts combined we have around 8,000 SP so a 100% vote would be worth like 60c I know this is not much enough to some other bots out there but like I said above that's not our purpose! We do plan on increasing our SP. and making your post in hotlist


How much does it cost for an upvote? (ALL 40-45 ACCOUNTS VOTE)


You need to send 0.01 SBD/STEEM to @bdbot with your post/comment link in the memo and wait for the surprised to be happen!


Minimum Bid, Requirements Configuration


1-Bidding Round: Every 2 hours (100% Voting Power)

2-Minimum Bid: 0.01 SBD or 0.01 STEEM

3-Post Type: Only main posts will be accepted (Comments not accepted)

4-Tags: nsfw tags will not be accepted

5-Post Age: Post must be written within 4 days

6-Daily Batches: 20


How to Use:




Just Use it Like Others Bot Following these Steps:

1-Copy the URL of the post you want @bdbot to upvote

2-Go to your Wallet

3- To bid in SBD: Under STEEM DOLLARS, click "Transfer" To bid in STEEM: Under STEEM, click "Transfer"

4- Fill in all the fields in the Transfer to Account box:

To field: Enter bdbot

Amount field: Enter the amount (0.01 SBD or 0.01 STEEM)

Memo field: Enter the URL you copied

5-Click the Submit button


Additional Features that are included :


1- If your bid is invalid (either lower than minimum bid value or sent another currency) , the bot will refund it too.

2- Max post per person per day is only 2. This is to give chance for other steemians to boost their post visibility.

Note- Refund sometimes fail so you can simply Ask for a refund in comments by giving a proper explanation and screenshot of bid you just made.



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bah bah onek sundor lekha .. promote kora ekhon konno bapar e na .

amader sathe thaben :) bd thake 1st bot so asa kori resteem kore onnoder janaben :)

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Welcome @sadbin

valo uddog.... samne valo korar sujog ase ..

asa kori amader support korben :) resteem korle khusi hobo :)

welcome dear.Always try to stay with you.

I am Sorry to say .. it is totally scam .. yes my friend why you think that we are full no .. it s not we well understand this type of scammer haha as already @zoneboy said it .. perfectly scam .. you don't have such voting power .. as u tell us we send you sbd or strem why man .. haha what shame ... That is not good start on steemit ...

for only 0.01 sbd we vote 50-55 upvote that value is 0.03...Already many user use it just lookup @bdbot wallet and u understand all :)
Doent You think that you ar soo smart in steemit you like kids baby :)
Thank you for your kind information :)

If this really happen then great .. but at first i thought its scam ..

Welcome to Steemit! Glad to see some new faces!

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50+ upvotes
more number of small upvotes will affect the curation reward or not ????

Not affect your curation reward and already this service using by many people.

Hello welcome to steemit and enjoy your time here.

Kindly follow me to get latest updates from me.

Thank you

Welcome to steemit
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I have done my work brother but still no responce!

Bot need 14-15 hour rest for voting power that why sometime it will be late.Btw check your last post :)