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RE: Tutorial for Actifit App (update November 2018 - version v0.5.0)

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Hi, have just added you to the MAP Rewarder Curators Trail - I know, it's a mouthful - as part of my support for those working to develop @steemstem. This is funded by @accelerator and distributed by myself. Great work!


Thank You! I would love it if you could share more information about the MAP Rewarded Curators Trail :)

Sure, best I just link to recent posts:

Delegating to MAP Rewarder: Benefits for Small SP Accounts

MAP Rewarder for Delegators and Curators - Update!

MAP Rewarder's Curators Trail Has Moved

Any further question, just ask. BTW MAP was my minnows support group, but it closed down as many new communities opened up.

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