Weekly Overview of Translation Category - Week 47, 2018

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As a Community Manager for Utopian, I will continue to write these weekly reports for the translation category. The report will include:

  1. Translators' Activities
  2. Moderators' Activities

In this report, I will follow the format of the other Utopian categories to provide the following information:

  • Graphs of the translators' contributions
  • Graphs of language teams contributions
  • Charts of comparisons of the different weeks
  • Graphs of moderators' scoring
  • Average score of the category & comparisons
  • Showcase the staff pick of the week if there is one

Summary Overview for Week 47: Nov 15 - 22, 2018

A. Contributions Summary

1. Translators' Contributions

This week, we have 61 Contributions.

In the translation category, it is important that we monitor the contributions submitted by the different language teams as translators work together in teams.

Therefore, the statistics and graphs will not show the contributions of the 101 individual translators but will display the 17 language teams instead.

The following chart shows the distribution of contributions of the 17 different language teams.


  • Spanish is the most active team
  • Followed by Polish, Filipino, Serbian
  • Then Yoruba, Italian
  • There are no contributions from Portuguese and Hebrew teams.

2. Post Contributions - 4 Weeks Comparisons

The following table shows the number of contributions in the different language teams for 4 weeks.

Week 44: 93 contributions
Week 45: 66 contributions
Week 46: 55 contributions
Week 47: 61 contributions


  • There are 4 color bars for each language teams with each bar representing the 4 different weeks.
  • The following teams are quite stable in their own ways: Spanish, Filipino, Yoruba, French
  • The following teams show signs of getting more engaged: Serbian, Polish
  • The following team shows signs of getting less engaged: Greek
  • The following teams show signs of inactivity: Portuguese, Hebrew

3. Total Number of Contributions for 4 Weeks

It is important that we measure the language team activities not just by one week but to see their monthly overall performance.

The following graph shows the total number of contributions of the 17 language teams in the past 4 weeks (Dates: October 25 - November 22, 2018)

  • Week 44: Oct 25 - 31, 2018
  • Week 45: Nov 1 - 7, 2018
  • Week 46: Nov 8 - 15, 2018
  • Week 47: Nov 15 - 22, 2018


From the chart, we are able to see the situation of each language team in the spread of 4 weeks:

  • Spanish team is most active in a consistent manner
  • Followed by Italian and Polish
  • And then Filipino, Greek, Dutch and Serbian
  • There is no growth in Portuguese and Hebrew teams.

B. Language Moderators' Scoring - Week 47

For the scoring distribution, we have 25 moderators, so I need to group the scoring into language teams so that you can see the analysis clearer in the distribution of scoring.

1. Chart showing the distribution of scores

The X-axis is not able to list out all the languages for each score as it will get very messy. The following statistics will give the detail that is lacking in the chart.

2. Statistics

  • 78 - 3 contributions (Greek, Serbian, Spanish)
  • 73 - 25 contributions (Chinese, Dutch, Filipino, French, Italian, Polish, Serbian, Vietnamese, Yoruba)
  • 72 - 1 contributions (Spanish)
  • 70 - 2 contributions (Spanish)
  • 69 - 4 contributions (Spanish, French)
  • 68 - 2 contributions (Arabic, Spanish)
  • 66 - 2 contributions (German, Polish)
  • 64 - 7 contributions ((Filipino, Slovenian, Italian, Russian, Spanish)
  • 63 - 1 contribution (Serbian)
  • 62 - 1 contribution (Arabic)
  • 61 - 1 contribution (Polish)
  • 59 - 4 contributions (Polish, Serbian, Yoruba)
  • 57 - 1 contribution (Vietnamese)
  • 56 - 1 contribution (Spanish)
  • 54 - 2 contribution (Polish)
  • 51 - 1 contribution (Filipino)
  • 45 - 1 contribution (Polish)
  • 0 - 1 contribution (Polish)

3. Analysis

  • The highest score this week is 78
  • About half the contributions receive scores between 70 to 80
  • A big proportion of scoring is at 73

All contributions got voted this week.

The average score of the 61 Contributions is 67

C. Staff Pick This Week

This week's staff pick is from the French team. It received a score of 73.

Translation Post by @yassinebad:

French Translation |•| ReactOS Project |•| Part six|•| 1138 words

ReactOS is a free and open-sourced operating system based on the Windows NT architecture. It provides support for the applications that already exists, and an alternative to the current operating systems that dominates the market.

This is the translator's 6th contribution to the ReactOS project. From his post, you can see that he did an accurate translation this time as he learned from the mistakes made in the 5th contribution. He was also careful in making sure the translation was correct by doing research in understanding the the context of the sentences before determining the correct translation of each term. The translator works well with the advice given by the moderator @leyt.

D. Moderators' Activities - Aristotle App

The Aristotle app is ongoing in the development by the Greek team. You can follow up this project in this Gitub Link.

  • The app is going to be a great tool for our translators.
  • The tool aims to become an LM's personal assistant as they do the moderating work.
  • The tool will have a more uniformed and centralized method to keep track of translators progress and tasks.

Here is a peek of what the app can do:


Using the filter, you can get the following information of each project:

  • the translator who did the work
  • the link
  • the date it was submitted
  • the dat it was reviewed
  • the number of words translated

I hope you can see the power of this app. This will certainly help the DaVinci Team to keep track of the activities of all the 101 translators easily.

Thank you @dimitrisp and the Greek team for your innovative app.

E. Translation Teams - 101 Members List

LanguagesModerators (Proofreaders)Translators
1. Spanish@alejohannes; @marugy99@elpoliglota, @samuellmiller, @acrywhif, @isabella394, @kaestorr, @cremisi @navx, @zlatkamrs, @thatmemeguy, @dedicatedguy
2. Greek@ruth-girl; @dimitrisp@trumpman, @katerinaramm, @lordneroo,
3. Italian@mcassani @imcesca@filippocrypto, @viki.veg @silviu93, @robertbira, @akireuna; @jacksartori; @deusjudo
4. Chinese@sunray @aafeng@susanli3769, @victory622, @breathewind, @aaronli, @hannahwu, @itchyfeetdonica
5. German@egotheist, @laylahsophia, @sooflauschig, @infinitelearning, @supposer, @achimmertens
6. Arabic@dr-frankenstein; @libanista@khaled-dz, @accro, @ismailkah, @sweetone, @ehabfox, @maigomaa
7. Polish@villaincandle @jestemkioskiem@j4nke, @koscian, @ribson, @shake1, @fuzeh, @apocz, @yasminafly, @froq
8. Vietnamese@carlpei@adam.tran, @lantracy, @lecongdoo3, @lenancie,
9. Dutch@misslasvegas @minersean@altrosa, @dragonsandsnakes, @tokentattoo, @anouk.nox
10. Slovenian@fbslo@nedy
11. Serbian@scienceangel @alexs1320@nikolanikola, @svemirac, @hidden84
12. French@leyt@yassinebad, @ahmedess, @roxane
13. Portuguese@phbr@leurop, @mrprofessor, @martusamak
14. Hebrew@leurbanexplorer, @nv21089, @amit9202
15. Yoruba@zoneboy@fatherfaith, @jubreal, @mcyusuf
16. Russian@tata-natana@erikaflynn, @vezirbek; @bell1982
17. Filipino@ruah@toffer, @marou27, @josephace135, @timliwanag, @dandalion
17 LT23 LM78 Translators

  • This week, 2 LMs requested to step down from the LM position to the role of translator. We are now looking for LMs in German and Hebrew teams.
  • The Portuguese team has been inactive for 3 weeks. We are looking for a new LM for the Portuguese team.

F. Upcoming Events - New Questionnaire Draft

This week, the @DaVinci.witness team is working on the new questionnaire.

New questionnaire draft and distilled of what was said in the last meeting

Please comment and give your feedback as we work together to make the Translation Category great.

That's it for this week,

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Hello @rosatravels, thank you for the comprehensive report. As always, you covered every necessary detail of the Translations category. Well done!

Please note that while the CM hasn't changed the footer, I am not scoring #iamutopian posts based on the questionnaire. They have their own metric, and that will be the case until we go live with the new guidelines and new questionnaire, which will be comprehensive enough to reflect these types of posts.

Your contribution has been evaluated according to Utopian policies and guidelines, as well as a predefined set of questions pertaining to the category.

To view those questions and the relevant answers related to your post, click here.

Need help? Write a ticket on https://support.utopian.io/.
Chat with us on Discord.


Thanks tykee for taking the time to review. Have a good weekend.

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You too Rosa!


Thank you for your review, @tykee! Keep up the good work!

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