[Bug found] The application won't show some artists name in "Artists category" while their song was listed in "Songs category"

in utopian-io •  11 months ago

This article is about the bug found in "Phonograph Music Player".

Bug details

The bug I found in the mentioned open-source application is about **the app is not showing some of the music artists in Artists category while their song was shown in Songs category.

In the application, the photo shown below is all the list of music artists listed in the mentioned application under Artists category.


While in the Songs category, there are a lot of songs listed form different artist was shown.

Like from this screenshot from device below, there are many songs from Michael Giacchino but that artists name wasn't shown in the Artists category.


I checked with my device built in music player application to see the list of all the Artists name for all the music that was stored in my phone. To my surprise, I've seen a lot of music artists in it which some of them wasn't shown in the Phonograph application. Here's the proof, Michael Giacchino was in the list.


For more info about this bug, I attached a video below.

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Your contribution cannot be approved because it is a duplicate. It is very similar to a contribution that was already accepted here.
Also here
Welcome to utopian and thanks for contributing
Seems like this app is pretty old project
but there is improvement still going on by the maintainer
Sadly your same bug is posted multiple times over this repository, which makes your post as a duplicate
I hope your issue gets resolved soon, Have a nice day.
You can contact us on Discord.